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Registered Phenomena Code: 008

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Mind-Regression Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-008 is to be held within Site-004’s high security containment vault. Testing with RPC-008 requires level 3 clearance or higher. Be warned that test subjects affected by RPC-008 may take on hostile and violent actions. The threat of an uncontained device similar to RPC-008 is marked as HIGH by Authority. Should any Authority personnel exhibit anomalous insanity or behavior, ASF should be deployed to research the potential uncontained device.

Description: RPC-008 is an electronically operated device composed of a ████ model electroencephalograph wired to a modified Yamaha MG 16/4 sound console mediated with a personal computer. RPC-008 is powered by a 12 volt car battery (35 amp-hour) or optionally, an external power source may be plugged in. A copper-██████ alloy antenna included with RPC-008 must be assembled in order for the device to work.

RPC-008 can be used to influence a person mentally. Various operations such as: inducing schizophrenia, altering brain stem functions, implanting thoughts or controlling the subject's mind are possible. A modified soundboard is used to operate RPC-008. When adjusted, the dials and buttons on the soundboard result in RPC-008 transmitting microwave signals of varying frequencies to a target's body. Microwave signals are conducted through the body and induce the activation potential of specific neurons across the cerebrum and brain stem.

In order to affect a target, electrodes must be linked between the target's temples and RPC-008. After this, a 'mind-link' will be established and RPC-008 will be able to influence the target from a distance. The standard antenna is capable to influence a target from approximately one kilometer depending on atmospheric conditions and physical obstructions. PoI #582 confessed to achieving a range of 60 km by illicitly attaching the device to a radio tower.

Thus far, two-hundred-and-thirty-seven (237) people have been affected by RPC-008 outside of Authority supervision. An additional twelve (12) have been tested on with Authority approval.

Addendum: Engagement Report

RPC-008 came into the Authority's knowledge during Dr. █████ Jefferson's investigation of several insane asylums across the state of Oklahoma. Dr. Jefferson suspected that a memetic pathogen was contaminating the patients and causing them to develop paranoia of a mind control machine. ASF squadron 'Pallbearer' was deployed to assist Dr. Jefferson with the containment of the asylum patients when Pallbearer noted unusual interference with their communications equipment. More personnel were deployed to investigate. Field scientists correlated the patients' activity levels with the intensity of the interference. It was then determined that an external force was causing the cases of insanity.

Pallbearer traced down the signal to an apartment building in Norman. The address was registered as belonging to [NAMES REDACTED], the former being a recent alumnus of the University of Oklahoma with a B.S. in psychology, the latter a sophomore with no decided major. The apartment was found abandoned and vacated by the residents who had used it both as a home and as a laboratory. Under the disguise of US Marshalls, operatives retrieved the identities and license plate numbers of the suspects. Police in Oklahoma and neighboring states were informed that the suspects were defendants fleeing trial. Non-Authority police officers in Texas arrested the suspects PoI #582 and #584. The police additionally confiscated the device now designated as RPC-008.

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