Undated image of two instances of RPC-013 performing routine patrols.

Registered Phenomena Code: 013

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: h-sentient.png h-grouped.png

Containment Protocols: The Authority has established a containment perimeter surrounding the area of manifestation of RPC-013 within the northeastern region of Hwange National Park, spanning a 20 kilometer stretch between the Ngamo Pan and Davidson's Camp. Said perimeter is to be fitted with a 12-meter high concrete fence equipped with a centralized proximity alarm and electrical barbed wiring to prevent civilian access.

All personnel assigned to containment and security roles are to maintain strict political adherence to the (defunct) nation of Rhodesia and/or anti-communist ideology. Security personnel are to additionally turn away any unauthorized individuals and redirect them to the Somalisa Camp.

Description: RPC-013 is the collective designation of eight unidentified males, primarily of European descent, ranging between the ages of twenty to thirty years, labelled RPC-013-1 through -8. Instances of RPC-013 are clad in what appears to be the standard attire and equipment of Rhodesian infantrymen during the Bush War1; detailed analysis of uniform insignias indicate affiliation with the Rhodesia Regiment.2 RPC-013 currently occupys the northeastern region of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, encompassing both the area of the Ngomo Pan and Davidson's Camp.

Approximately every three days, RPC-013 will materialize within their area of manifestation and proceed to engage in patrol formation with RPC-013-1 (posing as the senior non-commissioned officer) leading the group. During this time, instances of RPC-013 will perform six rotations around their area of manifestation, actively searching for any individuals they label as "communist guerrillas". Specifically, RPC-013 appear to have an innate sense of determining/detecting individuals who harbor communist/pro-Mugabe ideology or negative overviews of Rhodesia. This is accomplished either by proximity or visual contact with the individual.

If done, instances of RPC-013 will begin to develop notable changes in behavior. These alterations are often presented as symptoms of combat stress reaction, most notably hypervigilance, irritability, and bodily tremors. Immediately after, instances will dematerialize and remanifest within the immediate proximity of the subject before physically assaulting them. RPC-013 appear to have a preference to incapacitate the subject via blunt force trauma, often utilizing their hands, feet, and/or rifle stocks to accomplish this task. Once rendered immobile, the subject, along with all other instances of RPC-013, will dematerialize from the area.

After approximately four days, the subject will be returned to their initial location of abduction, now bearing notable surgical scarring along the frontal and temporal regions. If questioned, the subject will state that they have no recollection of their encounter with RPC-013, as well as appearing to be incapable of vocalizing verbal dissidence toward the state of Rhodesia or expressing similar political opinions, often instead producing incomprehensible mutterings, hisses, or stutters. Despite the presence of external suturing, the subject's brain bears no deviations within its physical/chemical composition.

Attempts to invoke altered subjects into involuntarily expressing their said ideology, often via methods involving truth serums and other cognition-altering drugs, have been met with similar failure. When questioned as to their genuine political adherence or viewpoint of Rhodesia, the subject will prepare to speak before their temporomandibular joint suspends the mandible in a closed position, thereby reducing the subject’s ability to vocalize; this is proceeded by gradual paralysis of the vocal cords. These anomalous effects will persist until the subject reverts to a fully conscious state.

Addendum 013-001: Audio Transcript

The following audio transcript was extracted from a video recording gathered by an Authority embed performing a reconnaissance operation in western Zimbabwe prior to RPC-013’s acquisition and classification. The video feed was acquired from a South African topographer, ███████ ██████████, who was documenting recent topographical alterations within the landscape prior to his abduction by RPC-013.

Addendum 013-002: Unusual Activity Report

On ██/██/20██, IVT-5338, a Marxist sympathizer, was deployed within RPC-013's area of manifestation during routine testing. IVT-5338 was ordered to progress through the area until they were to establish contact with one or several instances. Upon doing so, IVT-5338 was to then retreat from the area and attempt to reach the exit. IVT-5338 was provided with a headset and portable battery pack to facilitate communications with site command for the duration of the session.

During experimentation, IVT-5338 encountered instances RPC-013-3 and -4 while conducting a second rotation around the enclosure. IVT-5338 quickly retreated and continued running along the main pathway leading to the exit; both instances did not immediately engage in pursuit. After approximately fifteen seconds, RPC-013-3 began producing a whistling noise, varying in tone and decibel level, before it and RPC-013-4 promptly dematerialized.

IVT-5338 diverted from the main pathway, beginning to show evident fatigue before gradually decreasing his pace. IVT-5338 later began hearing several sounds resembling a canine barking before turning to investigate; the subject then viewed two entities resembling Rhodesian Ridgebacks in pursuit. Unable to escape due to exhaustion, IVT-5338 was quickly overwhelmed and repeatedly mauled by the entities before they abruptly ceased and retreated into the treeline. All instances then manifested and surrounded IVT-5338 before abducting him; IVT-5338 was returned four days later.

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