An Enfield No. 2 revolver with RPC-017-7 Applied.

Registered Phenomena Code: 017

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-017 are to be stored at Site-16. All collected instances of RPC-017 are stored in secure containment units measuring 1mx1mx1m when not in use or transport. During transport, instances of RPC-017 are to be kept in small vaults that are attached to the frame of the vehicle used for transport. All instances, excluding RPC-017-6, -10, and -11, are able to be delivered to other Authority facilities for the purpose of experimentation and/or analysis, a security clearance level of 2 or higher is needed to requisition instances of RPC-017. Small samples of variants RPC-017-1, RPC-017-4, and RPC-017-8 are also kept in various RPC installations at the armory for use in case of a breach, these instances may be used only if permitted by the Site Admin. Orders are made on the manufacturer’s customer support line should the Authority run low.

Description: RPC-017 is the collective designation for a group of bottles of firearm lubricant and cleaner that give any firearm they are applied to anomalous properties. These effects range from physical changes in the firearm the sample is applied to, to changes in the behavior of the user. These bottles are marked with marketing slogans that hint as to what the sample does. A small description of the sample, the company of manufacture, a price, and a telephone number are also put on the label of the bottle. The manufacturer, "Harrison Munitions and General Supply CO", is written on the base of the container; all calls placed to this company are relayed to a customer support hotline. No records or calling history of the said company have been found.

Instances of RPC-017 are known to spontaneously appear in gun shops, pawnshops, gun shows, military surplus stores, military bases, police stations, armories, hunting outfitter stores, and flea markets. An estimated 10 bottles appear each night, current containment estimates are that 78% of all produced instances have been recovered by the Authority. Instances of RPC-017 may be acquired on its customer service line. Said bottles will arrive in packages to the caller's location. This will only occur if the caller is situated within an area lacking surveillance and leaves appropriate payment within a manila envelope. If either condition is not met the order is canceled. Chemical analysis has found no significant differences between RPC-017 and other consumer firearm oils.

Discovery: RPC-017 was discovered in 1945 by Authority agents embedded in the US military. The anomaly was found in a weapons crate containing Thompson submachine guns. Authority attention was raised when the unit receiving the crate reported great success in the battle of Iwo Jima, halting a counterattack that much larger units had failed to stop. RPC-017 was recovered from the unit commander by the embedded agent, and amnestics were administered to those involved. Other instances have been discovered in increasing rates since the initial discovery.

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