Registered Phenomena Code: 022

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Regenerative Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-022 must be kept within a rectangular wooden case, which is to be sealed and kept under supervision by one security guard at all times. Should RPC-022 be required for research purposes, RPC-022 must be brought to a proper testing zone, and said testing is to be overlooked by at least two security guards. CSD personnel involved in testing with RPC-022 must not have any visual impairments, Under no circumstances are Authority personnel to wear RPC-022. Personnel found breaking this rule are to be apprehended and sent for psychological evaluations/examination for at least 72 hours. If the subject shows no resumption of normal psychological activities, said subject will be terminated and incinerated.

Description: RPC-022 is a singular pair of unbranded glasses. RPC-022 will transform to fit a subject when picked up and worn; Upon wearing RPC-022, users have noticed the appearance of an entity that manifests itself in the form of an object of sexual desire held by themselves. After a period of two minutes, RPC-022-A will re-manifest itself into what the wearer of RPC-022-A considers to be its greatest fear. At this point, RPC-022-A will gain the ability to physically interact with the wearer of RPC-022 through unknown means.

Addendum 1.1: RPC-022 was found after the suspected suicide of J.D. Subject showed no psychological impairments before the event, and had little-to-no history with depression and/or suicide. Initially, the case was assumed to be the latter, and all evidence was taken to an analysis lab. K.C, was of the people working on the case, reported seeing J.D's glasses shift when they picked it up. K.C became audibly distressed after seeing RPC-022-A, but was soon able to be calmed. After two minutes of constant description of RPC-022-A, it became hostile, causing K.C to react in a hostile manner; K.C drew their firearm, and began shooting at RPC-022-A, and allegedly hit a propane canister1 causing an explosion which killed him in the process. It should be noted that RPC-022 did not break during this event.

Once the Authority caught on to this, a Recovery Agent was deployed, and all records of the deaths of both J.D and K.C were expunged, alongside the case as well. Those who have suffered from the event have been properly dealt with.

Addendum 1.2: The following addenda will describe the various (publicized) testing logs of RPC-022. Some tests have been redacted and/or expunged, and will thus not be presented. Should a question about this arise, please email the Head Researcher of Site-1028 (cpr.ytirohtua|hcirniehw#cpr.ytirohtua|hcirniehw).

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