Registered Phenomena Code: 022

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-022 is located within OL-Site-57 in ████████, State of Amazonas, Brazil. OL-Site-57 is to have a 50 kilometer exclusion zone guarded by a specialized battalion of Authority Security personnel with Level-2/022 clearance at all times. A fireteam is to remain posted at RPC-022's entrance. In the event that the exclusion zone is breached by non-personnel, security personnel are to detain the intruder for questioning, administer an ML-class mindwipe, and relocate them to the nearest town of ██████, just outside the exclusion zone. Entry within RPC-022 itself requires approval from the sitting Brazilian Regional Director. Unauthorized access is cause for immediate termination. Due to the sensitive nature of RPC-022's location, reassignment from OL-Site-57 requires a ML-class mindwipe to be administered to any dismissed security personnel. Under no circumstances are bodily fluids to get on RPC-022-1.

Description: RPC-022 is a step pyramid made of [REDACTED], collected from the immediate area surrounding RPC-022. It has a square base with a perimeter of 200 meters and a height of 25 meters with approximately 90 steps to the top. On the easternmost face of RPC-022, a large door made of [REDACTED] can be pushed open to reveal the internal chamber of RPC-022. Following an approximate 15 meter descent into RPC-022, another door opens up to the ancient containment chamber of RPC-022-1. Lined along the containment chamber are a series of logographic inscriptions unique to the area, indicative of a society that had existed in Brazil long before nomadic tribes arrived from the north 20,000 years ago.

RPC-022-1 is a humanoid encased in stone, approximately 2 meters high. At the date of initial recovery, RPC-022-1 was in a state of prostration and thought to be merely a statue. In the decades since then, RPC-022-1 has gradually changed his posturing from prostration to kneeling to standing. This movement is imperceptible to the human eye, but a camera was since installed and timelapse footage has been recorded, confirming RPC-022-1 to be alive.

The logographs covering RPC-022-1's containment chamber detail a Mass Cataclysmic Event that would occur in the event that RPC-022-1 is released. RPC-022-1 was encased in stone by the native population 96,███ years ago. According to the logographs around the chamber, RPC-022-1 is a material manifestation of a chaos deity that descended from the metaphysical realm that sought the destruction of proto-human and human society.

The logographs describing how RPC-022-1 became manifest were chiseled away and destroyed, but many of the other essential logographs were kept intact, possibly to ensure that RPC-022-1 can be contained once again. The surviving inscriptions describe, in detail, the following:

  1. The cult that summoned RPC-022-1 to worship him
  2. How RPC-022-1 conquered the native population for an unknown period of time
  3. The native revolt against RPC-022-1 and how he was eventually contained but at great human cost
  4. A number of artifacts that may aid in his containment should he be released
  5. How RPC-022-1 can be released, with various warnings that releasing such an entity will cause a Mass Cataclysmic Event

The inscriptions have been interpreted below by Dr. Francizek, former Brazilian Regional Director.

The cult that summoned RPC-022-1 is largely unknown, as the logographs that describe their presence before and after RPC-022-1's manifestation refer to a number of religious terms that have yet to been translated or understood. It is clear, however, that this cult had a very prominent role in the society before its apparent destruction at the hands of RPC-022-1. The cult represented a clerical class of high prestige, competing with another cult also of high prestige within the society.

When RPC-022-1 was manifest, he killed the cult that summoned him, feasted on their hearts and lungs (apparently of religious signicance to this pre-historic society), and emerged from the pyramid. He asked the residents for a pre-pubescent child to be sacrificed for [DATA EXPUNGED] daily. The local population refused, and thus he conjured a number of unidentified anomalous organisms and sent them to attack the population. The village was then docile.

An unknown period of time passed before the next event, suggested to be two generations by the logograph. At this point, the logographs detail a small group of occultists and sorcerers of the time that arrived at the village, suffered numerous casualties engaging in battle with RPC-022-1, but eventually managed to encase RPC-022-1 in stone. He was then contained in the pyramid. The sorcerers were described as being able to manifest the metaphysical themselves, and therefore the methods by which RPC-022-1 can be contained have been lost to the ages. No material weapon within the grasp of proto-human civilization could restrain RPC-022-1. The artifacts passed down to the civilization to aid in containment have also been lost, and likely destroyed.

RPC-022-1 can be released with any quantity of human blood coming in contact with his encased form. The logographs describe that blood rejuvenates him, and cause him to awaken once again to continue his spree and assert metaphysical dominance over the human world.

… Of course, that's just what the walls say. Personally, I don't buy it. The Beta classification is pointless and just scares people. It should be reclassified as Alpha.

The RPC Authority maintains a policy of "contain as is" with RPC-022. The above is interpretation and speculation about the properties of RPC-022-1. The actual threat level posed by RPC-022-1 is currently under review.

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