RPC-040-A in its powered down state.

Registered Phenomena Code: 040

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-040-A is to be kept in a standard high-value item container, alongside RPC-040-B, in Sector-C, west wing of Site-002. RPC-040-B must be stored in a cushioned briefcase separate from RPC-040-A when not in testing.

Testing with RPC-040-A and RPC-040-B must be approved by no less than 2 personnel with security clearance of Level 3 or higher. Any testing chamber(s) utilized must be cleared of any organic tissue within a 5-meter radius.

In accordance with procedures put in place following Incident 040-A (see Addendum 040-01), all generated instances of RPC-040-1 must be terminated immediately following testing by pressing the "KILL" button located at the top right-hand corner of RPC-040-B.

Description: RPC-040-A is a brown Bell Howell 253AR Monterey Deluxe Projector with slight wear on the exterior. RPC-040-B is a remote controller virtually identical to its factory model, albeit possessing a different set of buttons used to control RPC-040-1. Both objects lack an identifiable serial number.

The anomalous properties of RPC-040-A only manifest when powered on. All organic tissue that comes into contact with RPC-040-A's light will dematerialize (rate of dematerialization depending on the object's mass). Inorganic matter will not dematerialize.

After 97% of the object's mass has dematerialized, a projection of the former object (now designated RPC-040-1) will emerge in its place. Instances of RPC-040-1 are capable of interacting with their environment. Complex organisms (animals, insects, human beings, etc.) are bound to commands found on RPC-040-B.

Available commands include:

  • KILL
  • SPD UP
  • UP (Directional)
  • DOWN (Directional)
  • LEFT (Directional)
  • RIGHT (Directional)
  • JUMP
  • VOL UP

All approved examinations of both RPC-040-A and RPC-040-B revealed no anomalous or otherwise unusual properties. Permission for testing each individual component's atomic structure is currently awaiting approval by Global Director 04.

RPC-040-A and RPC-040-B were recovered from a suburban home in the city of [REDACTED] ██ after multiple reported sightings of so-called "ghosts" by several concerned locals prompted an official investigation. Instances of RPC-040-1 were seen exiting the house of ████ █████. The owner of both RPC-040-A and RPC-040-B was terminated after repeatedly refusing to cooperate with the Authority.

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