Illustration of RPC-042.

Registered Phenomena Code: 042

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the recent containment breach that lead to the escapement of RPC-042, RPC-042 is currently uncontained and unable to be located. Due RPC-042's dangerous nature, RPC-042 is to be considered a top level priority until such feasible protocols have been established. Security resources are to be diverted into the locating and retrieving of RPC-042 with minimal civilian exposure. (See Addendum 042.02)

Additionally, any electronic devices recorded RPC-042's high frequency vocalization through auditory means are to be redacted, and reclassified to a Level 4 security clearance. (See Addendum 042.03)

Description: RPC-042 refers to a humanoid entity that approximately measures 1.97 meters in height. While appearing to have minimal muscle mass, RPC-042's anatomy is at the advanced stage of decomposition that arises from soft tissues that have been either decayed or dried to the point that some of the skeletal structure have been exposed. Additionally, RPC-042 is immensely stronger than natural humans.

Close observation reveals that RPC-042 does not appear to have any eyes, nor visual sensory organs, but it does appear to heavily rely on its sensory system which allows RPC-042 to greatly hear its environmental surroundings by an eighty meter radius.

RPC-042 has been denoted to remain passive but will enter in an aggressive state when subjects agitate RPC-042 by producing sounds with a frequency of 20 dB, and will begin screeching at 150 dB that has an immediate psychological effect on the subject1. Furthermore, RPC-042 will only attack those who have produced the aforementioned frequency.

Discovery: In Manchester, England, the Authority was contacted by GOI-0224 ("MI13"), Military Intelligence Section XIII, following British Security Services spotted and surveyed an unidentified anomaly roaming through Manchester, and had confirmed at least fifteen casualties. (See Addendum 042.01)

Mobile Strike Team Foxtrot-042 along with the 1st ISR Brigade was dispatched from JS-Site-██ towards Manchester. Upon arrival, both teams have reported to experience issues with communications when initially agitating and engaging RPC-042.

Maj. Donovan, Battalion Commander of MST Foxtrot-04, reported that RPC-042 withstood their firearms and radioed in additionals towards their location. Multiple casualties had been reported during the situation. RPC-042 was subdued with reluctance following the situation lasting for almost two hours. Field investigators abstracted that RPC-042 may have taken numerous blows that had resulted in RPC-042 being pacified. (See Interview Log 042.01)

Interview Log 042-01: Audio Transcript of Interview.

Forward: At approximately 19:24 PM Greenwich Mean Time, MST Foxtrot-04 ("Prey") was dispatched with other operators of the 1st ISR Brigade as part of a joint ops to contain, and retrieve RPC-042 in the incident of Manchester, England. The following is a transcript between Dr. ██████ and Cpl. Alex Tremblay.

Addendum 042-01: Initial Contact of RPC-042.

Shared information from GOI-0224, Military Intelligence Section XIII, had revealed that British Security Service first observed RPC-042 when embedded operatives within the Greater Manchester Police reported a loud disturbance that caused numerous windows to be broken near the area. No one was harmed in the process, but operatives immediately reported that RPC-042 was heading towards East of Manchester.

By the time British Security Services notified GOI-0224, RPC-042 was reportedly to have already caused a casualty when a group of hikers insinuated RPC-042's aggression state and were killed in the process. The Authority was immediately contacted following the incident with the hikers.

Addendum 042-02: Incident Report 042-A1

Foreword: On June 14th, [REDACTED], ASF security personnel were dispatched onto RPC-042's containment chamber following an experiment that resulted in two security officers being caught in the process which both have subsequently been killed, and the Site immediately went onto a full lockdown. The incident escalated as RPC-042 was abrupted by the facility's containment alarms, and had approximately killed [REDACTED] ASF personnel upon insinuating an aggressive state.

At 04:49 AM, a garrisoned CRT was dispatched to assist ASF personnel as RPC-042 had immediately breached through the Office Wing, and had enraged RPC-042 further as they had engaged onto RPC-042. By 05:17 AM, RPC-042 had escaped out of the facility with high casualty. The following is an interview transcript between an Interviewer and Dr. Chrome.

Addendum 042.03: Auditory Redaction of RPC-042.

At the request of Assistant Director ██████, along with the approval of the Global Directors, any recorded audio of RPC-042's high pitched screech are to be subjected into redaction due to psychological concerns. However, a copy is to be made for the purpose of archive and research onto the psychological effects.

Note: The auditory recording of RPC-042 screeching has been turned down to prevent listeners from being affected by the effects.

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