The Screeching Cries





Registered Phenomena Code: 042

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-auditory.png Auditory h-emotional.png Emotional h-sensory.png Sensory h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Revised Containment Protocols: Due to Incident 042-01, RPC-042 is currently uncontained and unable to be located. Reported sightings of RPC-042 are to be reported to their local site management. While presented as a dangerous entity to public security, containment and retrieval of RPC-042 is to be considered a high-priority with minimal civilian exposure.

Copies of any audio recordings of RPC-042's high vocalization audio is to be redacted and archived by the Office of Information Security and Records (OIRS). In addition, personnel seeking access are to contact their local archivist for further authentication. (See Addendum 042.03)


Fig. 042-1: Initial contact with RPC-042

Description: RPC-042 is a humanoid entity of unknown origin. RPC-042 appears to have numerous long, sharp supernumerary teeth2 on its extended jaws, minimal hair follicles, and unusual long sharp fingers.

It is to be noted that RPC-042 lacks any form of optical organs and is, as such, considered visually impaired. While appearing to have minimal muscle mass, it's anatomy appears to be at the advantage stage of decomposition, which has caused some parts of it's skeletal structure to be exposed.

RPC-042 is usually passive, but will enter in an agitation state if sounds of 20 dB in volume or higher are produced. When agitated, RPC-042 will begin to screech at a high pitch noise of 130 dB that has a mental effect on listeners. This screeching usually lasts between 2-6 seconds, and is often reported that audio devices will temporarily be disabled. RPC-042 will then attack any subjects producing the most sound within its proximity.

According to the Psychology Department, previous affected subjects developed a few mental disorders that were recorded as temporary, albeit in some cases they were permanent. Some of these documented effects include hearing impairment, anxiety, schizophrenia, and suicidal tendencies.

During initial discovery and containment, RPC-042 was reportedly to be capable of resisting armor piercing ammunition and explosives. (See Addendum 042.02)

Addendum 042.01: Discovery

On September 14, ████, the British Government contacted The Authority following British Security Services (MI5) spotted an unidentified anomaly, designated as RPC-042, within the outskirts of Manchester, England. A unit within Special Branch was dispatched to contain RPC-042 initially, but failed to report back three hours after deployment.

Despite their failed containment efforts, Metropolitan Police have confirmed that 10-18 unsolved murder cases in the past few weeks were linked to RPC-042.

At 12:58 PM Greenwich Mean Time, Mobile Specialized Team Foxtrot-4 and a Special Air Service regiment was assembled within RAF Odiham, and transported to Manchester. Upon arrival, Foxtrot-4 reported numerous civilian casualties prior to immediate contact with RPC-042. Major Troy Donovan, Team Leader, reported to command that RPC-042 withstood from heavy damage and attempted to call in additional forces.

Local authorities were called in following the successful containment of RPC-042. Containment response teams were scrambled from Site-007, and RPC-042 was placed into containment at Site-███. (See Addendum 042.02)

Addendum 042.02: Post-Discovery Interview

The following is an audio transcript between Dr. Paul Burke and Corporal Alex Tremblay, two days after RPC-042's containment.

Addendum 042.03: 14/09/████ Initial Contact

Shared confidential information revealed that MI5 first observed RPC-042 when an asset within the Greater Manchester Police reported an incident of a loud disturbance, described as a 'loud screech' according to a eyewitnesses. The report further noted that numerous windows were cracked or broken as a result, but no one was reportedly harmed in the process. Intelligence indicated that RPC-042 was heading towards the south east of Manchester.

By the time MI5 notified MI13, intelligence already confirmed that RPC-042 caused a few fatalities when a group of hikers made contact and insinuated RPC-042's aggression state, and were killed in the process. The Authority was immediately contacted following the incident with the hikers.

Addendum 042.04: 07/06/████ Incident

On June 7, [REDACTED], onsite security were dispatched to RPC-042's containment unit following an experiment that resulted in two fatalities, both of which were security personnel and prompted the Site to go into a full lockdown. The incident escalated when RPC-042 was further agitated, and successfully broke out of its containment. RPC-042 killed approximately [REDACTED] onsite personnel.

At 04:49 AM, a tactical response team was dispatched to assist onsite security as RPC-042 attempted to avoid the stun-grenades, and breached through the Office Wing. 28 minutes later, RPC-042 escaped the facility with a high casualty rate.

The following is an interview transcript between Dr. Amanda Page and Dr. Chrome.

Interviewer: Dr. Amanda Page, Office of Ethics and Review

Interviewee: Dr. Matte Chrome, Anomaly Experimentation Team

Dr. Page: Dr. Chrome, can you care to explain your actions that lead to the containment breach of zero-forty two?

Dr. Chrome: Lo-Look, it was a mistake! I didn't mean to send those-

Dr. Page: Mean to what? You sent those officers without following procedure. And here we are with [REDACTED] body bags within this facility!

Dr. Chrome: [Distressed] One of the test subjects promptly ignored my instructions through the ear piece, and they were constantly banging at the door for God's sake! I was worried that zero-four-two could've broken the damn thing if it had killed that test subject at the door, and accidentally damaged it in the process. Therefore, I had no other options but to send in a security team to stop the test subject from doing so!

Dr. Page: [Sighs, frustrated] And yet, despite that. You opened the doors and allowed zero-forty-two to go on a full rampage throughout the facility. That was incompetent, irresponsible, and grossly negligent. This all could've been prevented if you had just set aside your concerns and allowed the testing to take its own course. Thanks to you and Dr. [REDACTED], we have a wild anomaly on the loose!

Dr. Chrome looked down, remaining silent.

Intercom: Can Captain Muller's security teams one to …

Dr. Page: Dr. Chrome, do you have anything else to say for the record?

Intercom: … Four report to the Gamma sector immediately.

Dr. Chrome: N-no.

Dr. Page: Well, then. Please follow these two guards to your new "cell", doctor.


Interviewer's Notes: The site protocols have been revised at the directions of management. If we're able to get zero-forty-two back into its containment, I would recommend placing zero-forty-two in permanent confinement. As for Dr. Chrome, the Tribunal Magistrate found him guilty of negligence and is suspended, pending an internal audit following his misconduct during and prior to the incident.

- Dr. Amanda Page.

Addendum 042.05: Audio Redaction

At the directions of the Psychology Department, and OIRS, audio recordings of RPC-042's audio are to be redacted and archived, following substantiated evidence of increase suicide rates among listeners. However, an unredacted variant has been archived and placed into Level 5 classification due to security concerns.

The following audio has been added in by the OIRS. You are advised to not listen to this audio for your safety. Only proceed if you've been cleared by the OAS Psychology Department.

After three counts of a beep, the audio will play an unredacted variant of RPC-042's screeching audio. Please standby.

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