The Screeching Cries



Registered Phenomena Code: 042

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: h-aggression.png Aggression Hazard h-regenerative.png Regenerative Hazard h-auditory.png Auditory Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard h-sensory.png Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to RPC-042's containment breach from Site-███'s Humanoid Wing, RPC-042 is currently uncontained and unable to be located.

Due to RPC-042's current status as uncontained, and dangerous behavior, location and retrieval for RPC-042 is to be considered a high-priority with minimal civilian exposure.

In addition, any electronic device that has a digital copy of RPC-042's high frequency vocalization audio is to redacted and reclassified to a Level 4 access. (See Addendum 042.03)


RPC-042, during initial contact by MST Foxtrot-4 ("Prey").

Description: RPC-042 is a humanoid entity that approx. measures 1.97 meters in height. RPC-042 appears to have multiple supernumerary sharp teeth on the extended jaw, has very little hair follicles on its head, and has unusually long sharpened fingers. While it's apparent that RPC-042 has minimal muscle mass, its anatomy is currently at the advance stage of decomposition, to the point that some parts of its skeletal structure have been exposed.

It is to be noted that RPC-042 lacks any form of optical organs, and is as such, blind. RPC-042 is usually passive, but will enter into an agitated state if it hears sounds of 20 dB in volume or higher. While these psychological effects are usually temporary, there have been some cases where the effects were permanent. These psychological effects on previous test subjects revealed to be temporary, in some occasions being permanent. Some of these documented effects include hearing impairment, anxiety, schizophrenia, and suicidal tendencies.

During initial contact made by Mobile Specialized Team Foxtrot-4 ("Prey") in Manchester, RPC-042 was reported to be capable of resisting intermediate to armor piercing rounds, and explosives. (See Addendum 042.02)

Addendum 042.01: Discovery

On September 14, ████, the Authority was contacted by GOI-0224 ("MI13"), Military Intelligence Section XIII, following British Security Services spotting and surveying an unidentified humanoid entity within the streets of Manchester. Incident reported by British Intelligence confirmed at least fifteen casualties. (See Addendum 042.01)

A joint task force, consisted of MST Foxtrot-4 ("Prey") and British Special Forces, was assembled and dispatched from JS-Site-██ to Manchester within minutes of the reported incident. Upon arrival, JTF forces reported to experience issues with their communications when they initially made contact and engaged with RPC-042.

Major Donovan, Squad Leader of CIF1 of MST Foxtrot-4, reported to command that RPC-042 withstood damage, and called in additional forces. Multiple casualties were reported during the situation. RPC-042 was subdued two hours after contact. The Authority scrambled containment response teams, and transferred RPC-042 to Site-███. (See Addendum 042.02)

Addendum 042.2: Post-Containment Interview

At approximately 18:24 PM Greenwich Mean Time, Corporal Alex Tremblay was dispatched with the joint task force to contain, and retrieve RPC-042 on the incident of Manchester, England. The following is a transcript between Dr. ██████ and Corporal Alex Tremblay.

Addendum 042.03: British Intelligence Report, 14/09/████

Classified information acquired from the British Government revealed that MI5, British Security Service, first observed RPC-042 when embedded operatives within the Greater Manchester Police reported an incident of a loud disturbance, describing it as a 'screech of some sort.' The incident caused numerous windows to crack or be fully broken from the sound. No one was harmed in the incident, but intelligence indicated that RPC-042 was heading towards the South East of Manchester.

By the time MI5 notified MI13, intelligence already confirmed that RPC-042 caused a few fatalities when a group of hikers made contact and insinuated RPC-042's aggression state, and were killed in the process. The Authority was immediately contacted following the incident with the hikers.

Addendum 042.04: Incident Report, 07/06/████

On June 7, [REDACTED], onsite security were dispatched to RPC-042's containment unit following an experiment that resulted in two fatalities, both of which were security personnel and prompted the Site to go into a full lockdown. The incident escalated when RPC-042 was further agitated, and successfully broke out of its containment. RPC-042 killed approximately [REDACTED] onsite personnel.

At 04:49 AM, a tactical response team was dispatched to assist onsite security as RPC-042 attempted to avoid the stun-grenades, and breached through the Office Wing. 28 minutes later, RPC-042 escaped the facility with a high casualty rate.

The following is an interview transcript between Dr. Amanda Page and Dr. Chrome.

Addendum 042.05: Vocalization Audio Redaction

At the request of Director ██████ of the Psychology Department. Digital copies of RPC-042's high frequency vocalization audio have been redacted following psychological concerns. However, for the purpose of archiving, an unredacted variant has been made and placed into a Level 5 classification due to security concerns.

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