Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Newtonian Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Auditory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-052 is to be kept in an Alpha Containment Locker at Site-16. The locker has additional security clearance requirements preventing anyone with veteran status in the US Army or Marine Corps from accessing its content. Any instance of RPC-052-A is to be approached by any qualified personnel with US Army or Marine veteran status and to be incapacitated through blunt force trauma to the head.

Description: RPC-052 is a standard issue US M1 Garand, engraved with the serial number 43█████. The wood on the rifle shows substantial signs of weathering, the barrel of the rifle has begun to rust. On the side of the stock, the words "This Machine Kills Commies" are carved. Due to rifle delivery records not being as meticulously kept during the Korean War as it was during the Second World War, the Authority has not been able to validate whether this rifle was issued to the United States military personnel during the Korean War, though the serial number range does confirm it to be of 1952 production.

The anomalous properties of RPC-052 manifest if it is placed within an 8m range of anyone with veteran status in the US Army or Marine Corps. Any veteran within its influence will feel a compulsion to inspect the weapon. After having inspected it, the veteran will manifest a standard issue en-bloc clip from whatever pocket they have on them, or, in absence of any suitable pockets, will procure one from their mouth, and proceed to load it into RPC-052. Loading RPC-052 will always be done incorrectly irrespective of any training they might have with other M1 Garand rifles, resulting in the subject suffering from a minor injury often referred to as "Garand Thumb".

After the clip is loaded, the veteran is turned into an instance of RPC-052-A. From this point on, the subject will speak with a southern Kentucky accent, and continually make use of anti-communist and anti-Asian slurs and slogans in his speech. Furthermore, it will be convinced that it is currently in an active war zone during the Korean War, and will proceed to fire upon any "Commies" it sees until the en-bloc clip is spent. RPC-052-A will see anyone who isn't a veteran in the US Army or Marine Corps to be a "Commie". Any veterans that aim their weapon on RPC-052-A, or make attempts to arrest him, will be told to "Check [their] fire". Anyone who is addressed will be turned into an RPC-052-B instance, and will be in a confused state for the remainder of RPC-052's duration, where they consider RPC-052-A to be a brother in arms, refuse to fire at the subject even when threatened with termination citing "the squad over all else", but will not aid RPC-052-A in its assault.

After the en-bloc clip is spent, all instances of RPC-052-B will immediately come to their senses, and RPC-052-A will pass out. After this, RPC-052 returns to an inert state for 18 minutes, where its compulsive effects will not manifest. Incapacitating RPC-052-A will yield similar effects.

After waking up, RPC-052-A no longer believes that it is in an active war zone, and will return to the personality they had prior to exposure to RPC-052. RPC-052-A will retain a Kentucky accent and remain convinced that it has fought in the Korean war while losing all memory of what war it originally fought in, even if shown photographic material of its service or confronted with the fact that it was born after the Korean War.

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