Registered Phenomena Code: 063

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-063 is to remain at its present location within OL-Site-72C and any requests to conduct an interview or enter the containment chamber are to be approved by the onsite Chief Security.

The dimensional areas of the containment chamber are to be fitted with a ferromagnetic material, specifically ruthenium, to prevent RPC-063 from escaping through its extradimensional properties. Due to security concerns, onsite security are to be administered by MST Quebec-017 ("Dream Sweepers") within OL-Site-72C. Onsite personnel that have any religious affiliation towards Catholicism are to be barred from access, or be in the proximity of the OL-Site by a two-mile radius.

Additionally, in the event of a containment breach, MST Foxtrot-04 ("Prey") are to be dispatched into the containment and retrieval of RPC-063 and is to be considered a top-level priority.

Description: RPC-063 is an extradimensional humanoid entity that measures 1.43 meters in height and weighing 40 kilograms. RPC-063 does not display any kind of imitation of clothing nor physical structure in any way, which can be contributed by its darkened epidermis making RPC-063 almost unidentifiable in terms of facial or physical identification.1 However, the only identifiable feature of RPC-063 is its distinctive white pupils and clearly translucency of its skeletal structure of the arms.

Close observation reveals that RPC-063's anomalous properties consist of extradimensional abilities that enables RPC-063 to oneirically transfer to a subject's dream and feed upon their phobia. RPC-063 purposefully targets subjects that have an affiliation with Catholicism, but will also target those who intimidate or threaten RPC-063 in any way. Additionally, RPC-063 has been observed to inexplicably blend in shadows as a means of either concealment or transferring from one place to another.

RPC-063 is normally observed to be dormant, however, when a subject has the aforementioned religious affiliation or intimidates RPC-063 in any given way; RPC-063 will immediately instigate a persecuting apparition of the subject's phobia, by via auditory and visual hallucinations, and will cause the subject's heart rate to fall into a ventricular tachycardia (VT) and may degenerate into a ventricular fibrillation (VF) in longer periods. Upon exposure, subjects have been observed to ensue into a hysteria state and will either attempt to harm themselves or harm others within their surroundings.

It's been noted by multiple personnel that RPC-063 appears to be mute as evident by previous interview sessions with RPC-063, but ultimately would be met with responses by leaving messages on the wall of the chamber's observational windows. Following recent revelations in an interview conducted by Dr. ███████ it became apparent that RPC-063 was quite capable speaking, and supposedly identified themselves as Nyx, the goddess of darkness. (See Addendum 063.03).

Discovery: On January 3rd, 1969, following the discovery of what appeared to be the remains of a senior researcher within Site-██, a subsequent inquiry was launched onto the matter and had later been determined that an anomalous occurrence took place. Upon further investigations into the incident, a security footage that was approximately seven meters away from the senior researcher's office showed a humanoid entity (henceforth designated as RPC-063) walking through the walls before subsequently disappearing upon glancing towards the security camera.

Additionally, the senior researcher in question was a devoted Catholic who appeared to be attending a local cathedral in ██████, South Dakota, which investigators later uncovered that 82% of its attendees appear to either been missing or found deceased within their homes, all of which have died through a cardiac arrest. Furthermore, the cathedral lead to the Authority to contact the Vatican State for any prior information or knowledge regarding RPC-063. The Vatican admitted that it had prior knowledge of RPC-063 since its first reported encounter during the Protest Reformation, and all documented files were transferred to the Authority under the lease granted by the Pope. (See Addendum 063.02)

On [REDACTED], 1972, embedded operatives within the South Dakota Highway Patrol have located the whereabouts of RPC-063 to an abandoned church near Sisseton, South Dakota, where an ASF Team was dispatched to contain and retrieve RPC-063. However, the MST reported that it had encountered hostile contact and sustained multiple casualties that unsuccessfully lead to the escapement of RPC-063. 0600 hours later, surveillance and tracking of RPC-063 led them to an underground cemetery near ███████ and an ASF Team was again dispatched, but successfully contained and transported RPC-063 to Site-██.

Addendum 063.01: Incident 063.017.A

Following RPC-063's initial retrieval and containment by an ASF Response Team seven months later, RPC-063 was transferred under the orders of the Department of Ethical Resources to relocate in an OL-Site as previous assessments and incidents, that nearly lead to multiple containment breaches, were determined to be necessitated. (See Incident Report)

Addendum 063.02: Historical Documents Re. RPC-063.

Historical documents, negotiated in lease with the Vatican, had been transferred under the custody of the Authority following RPC-063's containment in Site-██. According to the historical documents that traces RPC-063's encounter in the mid-late 17th century, embedded operatives from the defunct Catholic Church's Psychological Initiative Occult2 had initially reported RPC-063 in March 23rd, 1642, when RPC-063 had been witnessed by locals to have appeared and disappeared from a local church that lead PIO operatives to discover the remains of many Catholics within the building.

Furthermore, the documents lack any such reference of any attempts to contain RPC-063 which was later elaborated that the Vatican had limited resources and lacking methods to properly contain such an anomaly at that time. The PIO was ordered by Pope Ubran VIII to suppress any documented cases as they believed that the credibility of the church isn't damaged. The last official sighting conducted by the PIO was in November 4th, 1650.

Addendum 063.02: Interview Report 063.██.B.

Dr. ███████ was the assigned supervisory official to conduct numerous interviews with RPC-063, this was an attempt to extract as much information as possible regarding RPC-063's history and other essential information. Many interviews have resulted in no significant progress.

However, on August 24th, RPC-063 had been documented to communicate with Dr. ███████ by speaking fluently in English during the incident. The following is an excerpt of the interview between Dr. ███████ and RPC-063.

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