Registered Phenomena Code: 065

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard h-sensory.png Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-065 is to be kept contained within Site-009's low-priority humanoid containment wing. RPC-065's remains are to be placed in a cooled, hermetically sealed enclosure with nitrogen gas to ensure preservation. Routine inspections are to be maintained by the on-site mortician to ensure RPC-065's remains are in satisfactory condition, and any indication of decomposition is to be tended to immediately.

Description: RPC-065 designates the remains of an unidentified male of European descent in their twenties. RPC-065 exhibits standard application of embalming measures, including a pair of eye caps to prevent retraction of eyelids, blood substituted with Tissue Guard 32 arterial fluid in vessels, and suturing within the mouth to prevent opening. While RPC-065 remains vulnerable to gradual decomposition and mold growth, it has been observed to retain an unusually slow rate of decomposition even in hot, humid climates.

In order to activate RPC-065's anomalous properties, RPC-065 is to be placed within a setting resembling that of a standard funeral containing the following:

  • Twelve or more individuals posing as mourners.
  • An individual posing as a priest of Roman Catholic adherence.
  • Standard casket, with dimensions designed to accommodate RPC-065.
  • Organ music, either through a live player or audio speakers.
  • Eight bouquets of red roses placed in front of the casket.

If said criteria are met, RPC-065 will begin to emerge from its casket and sit in an upright position. RPC-065 will remain almost completely motionless with the exception of rotating its head. At this point, individuals within the immediate vicinity of RPC-065 begin to experience swelling within their lacrimal glands, resulting in inflammation of the outer eye lids and excess secretion of tears. These symptoms, however, can be immediately reversed if the affected individual vacates RPC-065's presence.

Once done, RPC-065 will begin to scan the room for behavior it deems inappropriate for funeral etiquette. If an individual is caught displaying the aforementioned behavior, RPC-065 will quickly exit from its casket and retaliate through violent or extreme means. If the subject vocally reconciles their inappropriate behavior or flees from the area, RPC-065 will return to its casket and re-assume its initial posture. Despite its absence of senses (due to deceased neural tissue), RPC-065 appears to have an innate sense of its surroundings and poses no issue in locating the violating individual. RPC-065 has also been observed to exhibit unusual strength that otherwise cannot be accommodated by its body mass. After a period of twenty-five minutes, RPC-065 will revert to its inert state and recline into the base of the casket.

Addendum 065-001: Experimentation Log

Addendum 065-002: Recovery Log

RPC-065 was discovered on ██/██/20██ at the ██████ █████ funeral home after embeds traced multiple calls to police regarding allegations of a corpse "sitting up" during a viewing. Undercover agents posing as local law enforcement were immediately notified and arrived on the scene. Upon arrival, all funeral home staff and attendees were detained while a perimeter investigation was performed; RPC-065 was found sitting in an upright posture in a private viewing room.

The funeral home owner, ██████ ████████, was promptly questioned as to how they acquired RPC-065. Mr. ████████ elaborated that RPC-065 arrived three days prior through a transfer notice by an unknown sender. The vehicle that dropped RPC-065 off at the establishment was an unmarked black truck driven by an unidentified individual. Instead of being delivered to the intake area, RPC-065 was dropped off at the front of the building in an ornate oak casket. On the top of the casket, a listing of specific items (correlating with activating RPC-065's anomalous properties) written on a notepad was attached, followed by the sentence: "He prefers it this way."

All involved witnesses and staff at the funeral home were provided Class-C amnestics and released. A false information campaign was additionally provided to the police, stating that the call was falsified.

Addendum 065-003: Unusual Activity Report

At approximately 08:20 on ██/██/20██, Lieutenant Wryer of Site-009 was assigned to oversee the compliance of IVT-class subjects involved in testing with RPC-065. Before experimentation, RPC-065 was introduced into the room while maintenance staff were retrieving the necessary items. During this time, Wryer, who lost his father to pancreatic cancer two weeks prior, approached RPC-065 in its casket and became evidently distraught. Following this, RPC-065 emerged from the casket and embraced Wryer; Wryer became alarmed and attempted to escape RPC-065's grip. Due to RPC-065's strength; however, Wryer was unable to free himself until he was eventually released.

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