Registered Phenomena Code: 070

Object Class: Beta-Black

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-070 is to be contained in a cardboard box, housed in a classified residential household in █████, Florida. At the moment, there is no known way to transport RPC-070 without causing insurmountable damage to standard physics. Under no circumstances is RPC-070 to wake up.

Although a black-class object, RPC-070 is currently incapable of being moved without the possibility of awakening it. As such, the city block RPC-070 was found in has been fenced in, and multiple layers of memetic and anti-memetic agents have been placed on the door to RPC-070's residential housing.

If any unauthorized personnel are to bypass these containment protocols, RPC-070-1 is authorized to terminate them via anomalous means. How RPC-070-1 does this is currently classified, however it is important for lower level personnel to know to avoid accidental termination.

Description: RPC-070 is the designation for an anomalous member of Felis catus or domesticated housecat. RPC-070 has shown no anomalous properties while dormant, and it is essential that RPC-070 remains dormant for the rest of the foreseeable future.

It is currently unknown what will happen when RPC-070 awakens, however, there has been one recorded case of RPC-070 stirring in its dormant state. Using evidence from this event, it has been concluded that if RPC-070 were to awake, the universe would cease to function properly.

Accompanying RPC-070 upon recovery, was an unknown entity designated RPC-070-1. RPC-070-1 resembles an older human female, appearing to be in their 70s to 80s, and claims to be RPC-070's caretaker named "███████". This entity is believed to be associated with the Nivaldi, due to its numerous mentions and similar motives.

Upon discovery, RPC-070-1 warned Authority personnel of the anomalous properties of RPC-070 and subsequently threatened them when questioned about containment. It would appear RPC-070-1 possesses anomalous properties of their own, as all residents of the housing block viewed them as some kind of knowledgeable figure, akin to the "village elder".

No interview logs have been conducted between RPC-070-1 and Authority personnel, as any and all recording technology was deemed dangerous to enter the room by RPC-070-1. RPC-070-1 has since been deemed a Theta-class object, as they willingly contain RPC-070 "for the good of all mankind."

Under no circumstances is RPC-070-1 to be harmed, threatened, or in any way subjected to hostility from Authority personnel. Any hostile behavior towards RPC-070-1 will be treated as intent to destroy the natural laws of reality, and all Authority personnel involved in the event will be immediately terminated.

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