Registered Phenomena Code: 083

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: The perimeter of RPC-083-A is to be surrounded by a concrete wall no shorter than 15 meters high. The walls are to be lined with barbed wire and kept under control by Authority Security Team "Evergreen". Authority Security Team "Evergreen" are to carry 2 bandannas on their person at all times, and provide one to researchers during an experiment.

When experimenting, the perimeter is to be kept under tight control as to not let an instance of RPC-083-B breach. In the event of a breach, all personnel on sight are to fashion their bandanna into a blindfold and stay still. If a personnel is transformed into an instance of RPC-083-D, they must be killed using site-provided flamethrowers, unless they are in use for an experiment.
If under any circumstance an instance of RPC-083-C breaches the perimeter of RPC-083-A, an evacuation order is to be issued to the immediate area.

Description: RPC-083-A is a roughly 1.5 hectare1 White Spruce Tree forest with no defined shape. Each tree is an average of 3.4 meters tall. When a conscious being maintains eye contact with one of the trees within RPC-038-A for 30 seconds or more, said tree will then transform into an instance of RPC-083-B and is from there on classified as a cognitohazard. RPC-083-B is physically indistinguishable from a normal tree in RPC-083-A. Looking at an instance of RPC-083-B for 30 seconds or more after transformation will begin the transformation of an instance of RPC-083-B into an instance of RPC-083-C and the transformation of the victim into an instance of RPC-083-D.

Stage 1: During the first 30 seconds, the subjects vision of anything except for the instance of RPC-083-B will begin to fade. From this point onward the victim will show permanent brain restructuring, and will begin to show an attachment to RPC-083-B similar to maternal love. If attempts to separate the victim from the instance of RPC-083-B is made, the victim will become violent and attack the separator.

Stage 2: After another 30 more seconds pass, the victims vision will be reduce to only the instance of RPC-083-B, and they will be able to see it nevertheless if they have their eyes open or not. The instance of RPC-083-B will evolve into an instance of RPC-083-C. RPC-083-B will grow a meter taller than its previous height, and orifices resembling eyes will open on the side of the shrubbery that is facing the victim. The trunk of RPC-083-C will split into 4 limbs as part of a gradual transformation into a more humanoid figure. RPC-083-C is much more flexible than a normal tree, and the wood can flex and retract. From this point onward, the transformation of the instance is permanent, and cannot be reversed.

Stage 3: Instances of RPC-083-C show extreme aggression and will attempt to stretch out their arms to grab the semi-comatose victim. If RPC-083-C is successful, it will then crush the victim and bury them into the ground, where a smaller instance of RPC-083-C, known as RPC-083-D will sprout. Instances of RPC-083-D will follow their respective instances of RPC-083-C, and will help them with their motives. Instances of RPC-083-C and RPC-083-D cannot be killed in any fashion except for fire.


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