Registered Phenomena Code: 101

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances are to be stored in the Technological Items section of Site 46, with humidity and temperature regulated, and standard magnetic shielding. Each is to be auto-monitored for continuous function, and any that cease functioning are to be disassembled for study.

Description: RPC-101 is the collective designation of 113 items. Each is a steel box, 23cm x 23cm x 46cm, fitted with a modified USB port and containing active computer hardware, powered by unknown means. Since recovery, two have spontaneously undergone an orderly power-down procedure.

The Authority was able to gain limited access to the operating system. Each instance contains metadata, including:

  • A full personal name in one of at least 8 languages.
  • A date of death in YYYY/MM/DD format. Dates range from 1091/03/23 to 2386/11/14.
  • A "Crime Rating", ranging from 3 to 44.
  • Unsorted miscellaneous notes on spiritual beliefs, political affiliation, sexual history, languages spoken, practical skills and artistic achievements, recorded in the same language as the personal name.
  • A hexadecimal countdown decrementing at irregular intervals.

Recovery: RPC-101 was discovered in 1997 on the floor of the Indian ocean. It was scattered around and within what appears to be the remains of a large transport vehicle, possibly interstellar. Lettering on the hull in Russian reads: Prison Conveyance 317B-Proxima.

Debris over a 24km radius suggests there may have been several hundred other RPC-101 instances, all destroyed. Parts of the vehicle have been recovered and analysis is ongoing at Site 12.

Addendum: Ten instances were selected at random for laboratory analysis. When the Authority was able to hack into RPC-101-80, several data streams were discovered. Most could be identified as representing human autonomic or neural activity, but one was an audio stream of a male voice speaking American English. Excerpt of transcription follows:

1981/06/11 08:24:33. You woke up late, but your younger brother was still asleep. Instead of waking him gently, you flicked his face and laughed. 17 seconds, level 3.

[White noise on audio stream for approximately 17 seconds, accompanied by elevated heart rate and chaotic sense data, especially kinesthetic and tactile. Silence for nearly 4 minutes, during which readings return to baseline levels]

1981/06/11 08:29:01. At breakfast, your grandfather asked you to repeat yourself louder. You rolled your eyes and ignored him. He apologised and asked again. You continued to ignore him. 20 seconds, level 5.

[Similar disturbance for approximately 20 seconds, followed by baseline return]

Analysis of the voice suggests it is not synthesised.

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