Registered Phenomena Code: 103

Object Class: Alpha Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard

Note: As of the 1/3/20██ near-containment breach, all previous RPC-103 containment protocols have been indefinitely suspended. The previous location of RPC-103’s containment at Site-002 (designated as RPC-103-B) must be thoroughly decontaminated on a biweekly basis by Class-D personnel. Any Site-002 personnel exhibiting symptoms correlating with biological or psychological contamination by RPC-103 will be relocated to Site-187, pending observations of its long-term effects.


A depiction of of RPC-103's anomalous visual phenomenon captured via analog photography.

Containment Protocols: RPC-103 is to be held at Site-187 suspended in a cryotank (3m tall, 2m diameter) comprised of a transparent aluminum compound and maintained at a temperature of 200 K. The tank is outfitted with a pair of rotating titanium blast doors designed to contain RPC-103's visual anomaly. Under no circumstances are the blast doors of the tank allowed to be opened without clearance or supervision from Site-187 Research Heads. A small outlet placed on the posterior of the tank provides an opening for probing equipment to extract organic samples from RPC-103 when necessary.

The tank is suspended at the origin of a 20x20m titanium chamber reinforced with wave-cancellation panels. The metal grate allowing access to RPC-103's containment tank is only to be activated during approved examinations of RPC-103 or its containment equipment, and otherwise must always be kept in its retracted state.

The chamber vitals are to be monitored at all times by rotating shifts of Class-B security personnel equipped for imminent telepathic and psychological hazards. If any security personnel begin experiencing feelings of euphoria, detecting suspicious auditory phenomena or having strange thoughts while assigned to RPC-103, or if they otherwise suspect that they have had any remote exposure to RPC-103's visual anomaly, Department Heads must be notified immediately. The live security feed detailing the inside of RPC-103's tank is not to be utilized under any circumstances for risk of psychological contamination, UNLESS chamber vitals indicate that RPC-103 is showing signs of ███████████, in which case the feed is to be activated immediately.

Description: RPC-103 is a biological anomaly which displays unique visual properties. Though its true "body" cannot be perceived by any known methods of visual observation, physical experiments have determined that the true shape of RPC-103 is a marble-sized orb comprised of a tightly condensed micro-organic liquid compound. A 1mm-wide membrane of coagulated microbes surrounds the "nucleus" of condensed liquid and maintains its physical integrity. The orb is capable of limited levitation (floating at 96cm above any surface directly beneath it), but other than this displays no mobile properties or ability to physically interact with its surroundings in any way and as of the incident of 1/3/20██ is now understood to be capable of moving by way of [DATA EXPUNGED].

All those who observe RPC-103 behold an anomalous optical phenomenon taking the form of a glowing female humanoid wreathed by a captivating prismic light. Most notorious about this phenomenon is that the clearness and identity of the female humanoid has been documented differently by every subject who perceives it.

When inquired as to the identity of the humanoid, the majority of subjects testify that it at least vaguely resembles a loved one, only augmented to appear serene and beautiful, much like a depiction of an angel. A 2% margin of beholders testify no humanoid appearing at all, describing solely the captivating prismic light effect (see Addendum 103-A: Anima Procedure Testimony Log, Subject 33).

Those exposed to RPC-103's visual anomaly have commonly testified to a psychological response most aptly described as a feeling of peace, contentment and comfort. This is typically accompanied by a state of pacification; some beholders have entered an unresponsive state upon exposure to RPC-103's anomaly, only awakened when RPC-103 is removed from view. Several instances of auditory anomalies have also been testified by observers, typically manifesting as soft, incomprehensible whispering or murmuring, though some observers claim to have heard audible vocalization in the form of singular words and phrases, as well as music.

Though the soothing anomalous phenomena was initially thought to be a harmless curiosity, as of 1/3/20██, it is now believed to be a side effect of a hypothetical optical pathogen used by RPC-103 to [DATA EXPUNGED], as described in Addendum 103-C.

Addendum 103-A — The Identity of the Female Humanoid:
Various experiments conducted around the nature of RPC-103 have led the Authority to the conclusion that the female humanoid anomaly assumes the form of [EXPUNGED], a concept specific to every sentient being that encounters it.

Analysis into the identity of the female humanoid witnessed when observing RPC-103 (as well as the residual psychological effects experienced upon exposure to the anomaly) are done via a test known as the Anima Procedure. In the Anima Procedure, each subject is brought alone into a chamber containing a full view of RPC-103 and asked to describe as thoroughly as possible what it is they see. The preferred subjects for use in the Anima Procedure are Class-D and -E personnel hosting attributes pertinent to understanding RPC-103's anomalous nature, though all Class-C and above personnel are permitted to partake in the procedure pending application.

Many Site-002 personnel, fascinated by the prospect of [EXPUNGED], have volunteered to participate in the Anima Procedure in order to gain existential insight about themselves. A total of ███ Authority personnel are confirmed to have undergone the Anima Procedure at some point in their employment. As of 1/3/20██, this is now understood to be one of the worst near-containment leaks by an Alpha-class RPC in the history of the Authority.

The Anima Procedure has been discontinued and is no longer permitted without official authorization from designated Site-187 Department Heads.


  • There is a wide discrepancy in the documented appearance of RPC-103 between males and females: men tend to behold RPC-103 as a wife, lover or object of romantic desire, while women most commonly behold a mother, daughter, or nothing discernible at all.
  • A correlation has been discovered that those who testify having the clearest vision of the female are also the most prone to RPC-103’s psychological effects.
  • At no point has RPC-103's humanoid anomaly ever manifested as male. This is believed to run contrary to the concept of [EXPUNGED].

Addendum 103-C — Incident of January 3, 20██:
On January 3, 20█, RPC-103 abruptly vanished from its containment chamber at Site-002.

Chamber vitals identified this anomaly immediately and executed a Category-3H Automatic Lockdown of Site-002 as per Authority procedures. At almost the exact same time, as provided by testimony of Site-002 personnel, Agent ███████ (designated as RPC-103-A) left his office cubicle and began exhibiting unusual behavior: RPC-103-A became unresponsive in a manner similar to subjects under the influence of RPC-103's visual phenomenon and attempted to exit the compound.

Lockdown procedures were adequate in detaining RPC-103-A, and when RPC-103-A realized it was trapped, it began emitting high-pitched, distressed vocalizations and undergoing a process of [REDACTED]. As its body [DATA EXPUNGED], witnesses at the scene described a prismic light source emanating from RPC-103-A correlating with the visual phenomenon of RPC-103. MST Bravo-6 (Codename: "Knockin' on Heaven's Door") were promptly deployed on the scene and succeeded in containing RPC-103-A in a Mobile Biohazard Containment Unit without incident. By the time it was relocated to a Site-002 emergency containment chamber, the biomass of RPC-103-A had [DATA EXPUNGED] and re-materialized into RPC-103.

The re-materialized RPC-103 (designated as RPC-103-2) displayed the same anomalous visual properties as the original entity (designated as RPC-103-1). Physical analysis of the specimen also determined that its biological composition is identical to that of RPC-103-1. No traces of organic material belonging to RPC-103-A could be identified during sample analysis of RPC-103-2's microbial liquid compound.

Addendum 103-C.1 — RPC-103-B:
Analysis of RPC-103's previous containment chamber revealed that the microbial liquid comprising the original entity had sublimated into a gaseous form and seeped into the walls of the chamber. Though the anomalous properties of the microbes were rendered inert upon sublimation, the entire chamber underwent quarantine and reclassification as RPC-103-B, to be tested and monitored for further biological hazards.
Note: As of yet, no exposure of Class-D personnel to RPC-103-B have yielded anomalous results.

Addendum 103-C.2 — Hypothetical Optical Pathogen:
Samples taken from recent (within the last 60 days) participants of the Anima Procedure showed a 0.03% to 0.001% occurrence of RPC-103's microbial compound within the cerebrospinal fluid of the subject. The properties of the microbes appear to be inert, and are documented to pass out of the body as a waste product (estimated to have a half-life of 6 days within the human body). Though this indicates that RPC-103's biohazard is relatively harmless in small dosages, a recall order has nevertheless been placed on all ███ subjects involved in the Anima Procedure, pending investigation into a potential biological containment leak.

The widespread contamination of personnel by RPC-103 was a subject of rigorous inquiry upon its discovery. All standard procedures required to prevent RPC-103's biological material from contacting personnel had been met up to that point. Though RPC-103's biohazardous properties remain unknown, the following hypothesis has been presented by Site-187 researchers:

Hypothesis: The light that RPC-103 emits from its biomass is a conduit for a particle-based telepathic pathogen RPC-103 uses to trigger a synaptic response within the brain of those who behold it. This pathogen enters through the optic nerve and settles within the hippocampus. These microbes then incubate within the host in their inert state and await [DATA EXPUNGED]. This is believed to be what happened to RPC-103-A.
Evidence: Those participating in the Anima Procedure with the longest exposure to RPC-103 also had the highest occurrence of RPC-103's microbial compound. RPC-103-A had recently been in a session with RPC-103 for over four hours.

Since the incident, RPC-103 has undergone threat reassessment and reclassification as a Beta-Class anomaly. It has been completely expunged from Site-002 databases (barring procedures dedicated to RPC-103-B) and relocated to a specialized facility at Site-187 pending extensive biological research. All personnel involved with RPC-103's previous containment protocol, as well as the ███ personnel feared to be contaminated by way of the Anima Procedure, have also been relocated to Site-187.

Addendum 103-█ — [CLASSIFIED]:
On ████████ ██, 20██, RPC-103 abruptly discharged █████████ from its biomass.

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