Registered Phenomena Code: 111

Object Class: Epsilon-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: A square perimeter of 3km has been established around RPC-111, and a 2km kill zone has been established to neutralize any entities coming out of RPC-111. OL-Site-35 has been established to monitor RPC-111 and contain any items found within RPC-111. Personnel entering RPC-111 must wear Class II Tactical Assault Light Operator Suits.

Update 09/02/██: Containment of RPC-111 is established.

Update 11/20/██: First exploration of RPC-111 by MST-Oscar-12 “The Harbingers”.

Update 11/25/██: Surveillance tapes found on Floor C of RPC-111. Tapes are believed to show the events of Event-111-Alpha. See Addendum 111-C for more information.

Description: RPC-111 is a complex facility located in between the US/Canada border comprised of a two-story cabin and a complex underground facility previously owned by GoI-005 (“Gloabal Enterprise for Advanced Research”), after Event-111-Alpha, see Addendum 111-D. GoI-005 informed the Authority of RPC-111 existence and ask for help containing RPC-111. RPC-111 contains various anomalous items and entities. Items or entities terminated or contained should be classified RPC-111-[Insert Number].

RPC-111 consists of 28 floors. The first two floors are found on the surface level of RPC-111. The two levels located on the surface are comprised of the lobby and an elevator. The underground levels (designated Floor A through Z for brevity) can be accessed through the elevator on the first floor. To date, 57 entities have emerged from RPC-111. See Addendum 111-A for more information.

Addendum 111-A: Entity Escape Log

Addendum 111-B: Exploration 001 - 002

Addendum 111-C: Exploration 003

Addendum 111-D: Event-111-Alpha Summary
Several containment breaches on Floor U through Floor Z due to testing with an anomaly that affects devices by draining the electricity from them. Several hostile anomalies broke containment and escaped to the upper levels. Five anomalies managed to escape RPC-111 before Authority intervention. Several Mobile Strike Teams have been assigned to contain the five anomalous entities that escaped RPC-111.

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