Registered Phenomena Code: 112

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-112 is to be placed in a standard safe anomalous object container at site-██. All experiments involving RPC-112 must receive prior approval from Dr. Guards.

Description: RPC-112 is a metal pencil compass approximately twelve centimeters long. In order for RPC-112's anomalous properties to be observed, type 2 graphite must be loaded and then tightened into the hole on RPC-112's second arm. RPC-112's anomalous properties manifest when the user attempts to draw a circle using RPC-112. Instead of RPC-112 drawing a circle, it will instead draw a square of equal side length to the diameter of the circle that would have been drawn.


Interviewed: Dr. Guards' intern, ███ ████

Interviewer: Dr. Guards

Foreword: After RPC-112 proved to be un-harmful, Dr. Guards proposed using her intern as a test subject instead of a CSD. To see how an individual without prior knowledge of RPC-112 being anomalous would react.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Guards: Morning ███, sleep well?

Intern: Yeah I did, what are we doing today?

Dr. Guards: A simple test. Could you pick up that compass and draw a circle on the paper?

Intern: Yeah, sure.

Subject picks up RPC-112 and attempts to draw a circle. As expected a square is drawn instead.:

Intern: Huh, cool. Can I draw more?

Dr. Guards: Yeah sure, knock yourself out.

Subject proceeds to draw five more squares and then appears bored. Subject asks to leave. Permission granted:

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The initial curiosity wore off fairly quickly. Although, Dr. Guards' intern reported later that "Everything seems angular, straight and square." Further inquiry in Incident Report 112-2

Incident Report RPC-112-1: After exposure to RPC-112, ███ ████, Dr. Guards' intern reported that "Everything seems angular, straight and square." It appears that contact with RPC-112 erased ███'s ability to perceive curves and non-straight lines. Instead, ███ reports seeing everything as before, except [Quote Above]. After one month, the effect had still not worn off. But it had also not impeded ███'s ability to work. ███ requested research into how to remove the effect "I just can't appreciate the curves in this world like I used to." After some testing, ███ was given Class-A amnestics in relation to the incident. ███ reported later when questioned that "Of course I can see curves Doctor, what kind of question is that?" Test considered a success.

Note from Dr. Guards: I advise anyone who wants to use this thing to not touch it themselves if they ever want to remember 112 in the first place.

Recovery Report RPC-112 RPC-112 was originally brought to the Authority's attention when a "Magician" went on stage on a magic show and used RPC-112 to draw a square. The "Magician" won the magic show and was interrogated by a pair of off-duty Authority personnel shortly after. When asked how the "trick" was done, the "Magician" said "Oh I only drew a circle. The compass filled in the sides." Upon realization that RPC-112 was anomalous in nature, said agents contacted authority personnel and the "Magician" was apprehended. RPC-112 was taken from the "Magician" and stored at site-██. The "Magician" later escaped Authority custody utilizing various anomalous objects and is still at large.

Note from Dr. Guards: I met them for a few minutes when I came to collect 112 from the agents. They were very flamboyant, charming. Before I left, the Magician mentioned "Being here for the fun of it all."

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