Picture displaying RPC-114 as found after Containment Breach #3517, deceased and encased in ice.

Registered Phenomena Code: 114

Object Class: Gamma Neutralized

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Anti-Physical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-114 is to be contained at all times in a completely flat humanoid containment chamber. The door is to be secured and locked at all times. Entry is only permitted to high ranking L-5+ personnel with a strict reason.

Description: RPC-114 was a 1.89 meter tall, humanoid creature with no hair, human-like arms, goat-like legs and horns that resemble that of a deer.1 The face of RPC-114 is consistently obscured with a white face mask. Attempts to remove this mask have concluded no results. RPC-144 shows no genitalia nor any need to either reproduce, eat, defecate or sleep. However, it can be injured, bleed, and even fully terminated following the events in breach #3517-1 in 18██.

RPC-114 was proven to speak fluent old East Slavic and a broken Shakespearean English but only so when Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A Minor is playing, anything else triggering a negative response which will result in the anomaly attempting to telefrag the person playing the music and turning it into RPC-114-B.2

When an object comes in contact with RPC-114 while it is playing a note succession, said object will become RPC-114-B and begin to play Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A Minor at 90dB which result in nausea, deafness and, if exposed for a long period, permanent brain damage upon hearing it. The items turned into RPC-114-B will keep on playing said song until they stop working on their own or are destroyed by outside forces.

In addition to RPC-114's ability to create RPC-114-B, the anomaly presents as well a space warp ability which allows him to teleport through any opening creating a wormhole that will lead to a random location with a maximum range of 10 kilometers. The only known limitations to RPC-114's powers are the following:

  • If RPC-114 can fit its head in it, then it can and will teleport.
  • RPC-114 cannot choose whether to teleport or not.
  • RPC-114 cannot choose where to teleport.
  • RPC-114 cannot travel a distance beyond 10 kilometers by teleportation.

Besides the aforementioned limitations, RPC-114 can move with no difficulty whatsoever.

RPC-114 is being contained to this day on Site 045, sector C under the supervision of Dr. A███████ Shamelman

Addendum: RPC-114 was found dead, frozen in a nearby lake. The frozen body was finally found 2 weeks after Containment Breach #3517-1. Autopsia cadaverum shows 3 bullet holes on the ilium, stomach, and thoracic spine.

Logs regarding RPC-114

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