Registered Phenomena Code: 115

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Emotional Hazard


Containment Protocols: MST (Designated November-33) is on permanent stand-by to be sent wherever RPC-115 reveals itself on extremely short notice. MST-November-33 is to be inserted discreetly within RPC-115's vicinity and seek-and-capture protocols are to be enacted. RPC-155 is to be disabled via non-lethal means and RPC-115-1 is to be separated from the entity. MST November-33 is to exfil from the area with RPC-115 and RPC-115-1 and head to nearest Authority site for immediate containment.

RPC-115's briefcase (RPC-115-1) is to be contained for study. It is to be placed into a bulletproof hermetically sealed box with a 7 digit key-code. The box must have heat and movement sensors placed within which will activate if RPC-115-1 is moved from its position. The box is to be placed into a small fortified vault. The door to the room is to be reinforced with steel plating, with a magnetic lock. It must have a two-key system in place, two authorized personnel with security clearance of level 3 must place the keys.

Description: RPC-115 is a shape-shifting humanoid entity which appears to be deliberately fostering military conflicts worldwide. RPC-115's facial features and skin tone vary from observer to observer, but it is consistently described as a human male. RPC-115 is always described as carrying a briefcase on its person at all times, designated RPC 115-1. RPC-115-1 is described as being made out of low-quality black leather with gold-colored clips on top of the case. Attempts to establish any additional communication by both Authority agents and parties/individuals already contacted by RPC-115 has proven futile. There are no records that match any description given, and RPC-115 does not leave any traces of DNA that could be used to identify it.

RPC-115-1 shows anomalous properties of its own. The first account recorded from GO1-███ [DATA EXPUNGED] described it as having sworn that "it moved like something was inside it" before RPC-115 placed its hand upon the case and the movement ceased. Reports indicate a crucial factor in RPC-115-1's properties. RPC-115 can conjure (or procure) any objects from within 115-1 of any size regardless of the structure and size of 115-1, the Authority can determine that RPC-115-1 operates beyond the practical fundamental laws of space. Such objects include various books and leaflets of papers into more disconcerting objects such as a full-fledged 7.62x39mm AK-47 assault rifle.

Various accounts from captured members of terrorist cells and splinter groups always circle back around to a man in a business suit, carrying a black briefcase who incites their hatred towards others and seems to instigate them into carrying out these attacks. RPC-115 always seems to know what these groups are after and what they want as well as who they're angry towards. The Authority holds RPC-115 personally responsible for the instigation of the civil war in █████ as well as the rise of various terrorist groups and cells such as ████.


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