RPC-124 (Right-most) as pictures with other "Dragonforce" cassette tapes.


Registered Phenomena Code: 124

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-124 is to be contained in a standard, sound-proof locked box at Site-19. All testing must be done on-site, and 1 deaf agent is required on premises in the event of a breach. Any researcher requesting RPC-124 for testing must obtain level 3 or higher clearance and present a detailed list of subjects and reasons for testing.

Description: RPC-124 is a standard National Audio Company cassette tape featuring the British power metal group “Dragonforce’s” album “Inhuman Rampage”. As with other normal National Audio Company cassette tapes, RPC-124 can be played and will exhibit normal playback of songs present in a standard “Inhuman Rampage” album. RPC-124’s anomalous properties begin to manifest only when listened in an enclosed space by a person of any age. When a person listens to RPC-124 inside an enclosed space, RPC-124’s anomalous properties manifest and the listener is sent into an amplified emotional state of the most recent emotion felt. Depending on the amplified emotion, the listener will react in different manners and responses depending on the stimuli given. The effects of RPC-124 on the listener generally last from 20 seconds to 72 hours dependent on the time they spent listening to RPC 124. Additionally, there appears to be no further effect if the listener is terminated while under the effects of RPC 124.

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