Registered Phenomena Code: 131

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Newtonian Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocol: Items of RPC-131 are to be kept within a sealed plastic bag and stored within a standard anomalous item storage locker. They are not to be held or touched directly except for purposes of authorized experimentation.

Description: RPC-131 Is a collection of items recovered from an abandoned orphanage. They are itemized and described by the severity of hazardous nature below.

RPC-131-1: Is an unremarkable stuffed toy rabbit. RPC-131-1 presents no discernible deviations or anomalies in its overall physical appearance save for a patch sewn to it which reads “If you have nothing nice to say…” RPC-131-1 anomalous properties begin to manifest when held directly in contact with the user. If profanity, insults, or rude remarks are spoken within earshot of RPC-131-1, the speaker will immediately be struck selectively mute. The effects of RPC-131-1 will last regardless of vicinity until the victim gives a genuine compliment to the individual holding RPC-131-1.

RPC-131-2: Is a non-anomalous appearing teddy bear of medium size that exhibits no detectable physical differences between itself and normal toys of the same make aside from a patch sewn crudely onto the chest that reads “Do unto others…" When held directly by the user RPC-131-2 begins to exhibit its anomalous properties. If the individual holding RPC-131-2 is physically attacked by another individual, any pain or injuries incurred by the assault will be manifested upon the attacker. The effect will persist until a genuine apology is offered to the individual holding RPC-131-2.

RPC-131-3: Is a stuffed toy duck of non-anomalous material and manifests no detectable differences between itself and other toys of similar make except for a patch sewn onto the back that reads “Share and shares alike." The object begins to manifest its anomalous properties when held directly by an individual. When held any individuals within the vicinity of RPC-131-3 will be incapable of ingesting food items and will immediately regurgitate them upon swallowing. This effect will continue regardless of vicinity to RPC-131-3 until the victim offers an equal portion of something they intend to eat to the individual holding RPC-131-3. Effects will manifest to the point of dehydration and starvation if this act is not carried out.

RPC-131-4: Is a pair of child’s friendship bracelets that exhibit no anomalous materials or differences in their construction than that of similar non-anomalous items. RPC-131-4 will manifest its anomalous properties when it is worn by two individuals. If offered by a wearer of one of the pairs, the individual will be unable to decline their request. From this point onward the recipient will agree with anything said by the original wearer. They will additionally be unable to refuse any order given to them by the original wearer up to and including actions that will cause self-mutilation, injury, or death. The effects will continue until the presenter removes the 2nd bracelet and states “We are not friends anymore.” Upon removal of the bracelet, the victim will begin to exhibit symptoms of major depressive disorder and gradually preclude themselves from participating in daily activities post-removal, often presenting evident regret and frustration at the occurrence.

RPC-131-5: Is a Raggedy Anne doll that exhibits no anomalous properties or differences from any other doll of similar make and manufacture except for a patch sewn onto its back reading “Show me on the dolly…” When held by an individual anyone within the room will experience [REDACTED] and begin screaming and sobbing begging repeatedly for “daddy” to stop. If RPC-131-5 is not removed from the individual, the effects will begin to deteriorate into life-threatening injuries, often causing severe internal hemorrhaging and spinal/basilar skull fracturing. If RPC-131-5 fails to be extracted from the individual within approximately twenty minutes they will ultimately expire due to injuries. Regardless of the duration of exposure, all subjects have exhibited severe psychological trauma.

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