Footage of RPC-135 during its active state

Registered Phenomena Code: 135

Object Class: Epsilon-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Anti-Physical Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-135 is to be contained within a standard containment chamber in Site-015. This containment chamber is to be secured with a magnetically sealed double-airlock door. Two security personnel are required to stand within range and outside of RPC-135's effects to ensure the test subjects enter without having RPC-135 re-materialize outside the containment chamber. Any test subjects exposed to RPC-135 are to be removed from the containment chamber before performing additional testing. Psychological evaluations and mandatory psychiatric treatments are required for any test subjects working with RPC-135

Description: RPC-135 is a clothed iron statue. The object is approximately 1.8 meters tall, weighing approximately 227 Kilograms, bearing a CRT TV between the clavicles. The anomaly constantly broadcasts a rapid sequence of random cosmological imagery that represents a pattern. The source of the broadcast cannot be traced. Whatever this pattern is, the anomaly receives these signals that in turn, trigger an emotional response within those who view it.

RPC-135 will always remain motionless even upon activation when in the presence of humans. If there is no indication of a human presence in visual range, RPC-135 will instantaneously re-materialize near the nearest living human if there are no obstructions between it and the anomaly's target. How this is possible is unclear. Research is ongoing.

Upon making visual contact with the anomaly, test subjects will become entranced and stare into the anomaly's CRT screen for approximately thirty minutes. In most cases, the subject will approach RPC-135 and attempt to make physical contact. RPC-135's screen will then turn to static as the test subject climbs into the screen and vanishes from reality. How this occurs (as the screen is too small for an adult human to fit through the aperture) is unknown. Indirect observation of RPC-135 does not trigger its anomalous effects.

On several occasions, test subjects have entered RPC-135's containment chamber equipped with retrieval harnesses and shoulder-mounted cameras. Unfortunately, no visual records exist of what lies on the other side of RPC-135's CRT screen, as the tethers attached to the test subjects' retrieval harnesses were severed upon passing through the aperture.

Addendum 135-01:

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