Registered Phenomena Code: 137

Object Class: Epsilon-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-137 is currently contained at OL Site 83. These containment procedures are designed to prevent another Relocation event. OL Site 83 was formerly the town of ██████, Maine, USA and staff on-site are disguised as an Outpost of the US Forestry Service. RPC-137-2 is to be maintained in good condition and locked unless RPC-137-3 indicates that an Emergence event is eminent. In case of an Emergence event OL Site 83 should be swept for civilians to prevent accidental exposure and all necessary supplies should be transferred to RPC-137-2.

These supplies shall consist of:
1 Mechanical typewriter (Latin alphabet)
3 Ink ribbons
500 sheets of white paper
1 Typewriter eraser
1 Typewriter eraser brush
3 #2 pencils (sharpened)
1 Notepad (college ruled, at least 50 pages in length)
1 Thermos of coffee (dark roast, no cream or sugar)

Redundant supplies sufficient for two additional Emergence events are to be kept on-site at all times. If an Emergence event has not occurred within 33 days, site staff must alert the Authority of a possible Relocation event. Any following reports of widespread nausea/vomiting or unusual asphyxiation must be investigated.

Description: RPC-137 is believed to be a multi-dimensional creature. All visual or auditory recording devices suffer from immediate equipment failure when attempting to record RPC-137. Any human making visual contact will suffer severe nausea and vomiting, forcing them to break visual contact. Individuals restrained and forced to watch RPC-137 will experience involuntary abdominal muscle spasms severe enough to interfere with the normal movement of the diaphragm and breathing will cease. No muscle relaxant or paralytic has been successful in preventing this effect. Witnesses of RPC-137 can only give a basic description of it and cannot elaborate, even under enhanced interrogation. Several of these descriptions are conflicting and are suspected to be a projection of the individual rather than an actual appearance.

Conventional weapons do not appear to effect RPC-137. Attempts have included: incendiary devices, automatic weapon fire, extremely acidic (pH <1) solutions, electrocution, and high yield explosives. However, RPC-137 will interact normally with common objects such as typewriters, doorknobs, floors, and other items. The reason for this difference is currently unknown.

RPC-137-1 is a living tree of the Crataegrus(hawthorn) genus. During an Emergence event RPC-137-1 develops a crack which rapidly widens beyond what its trunk should be capable of sustaining as RPC-137 emerges. Outside of an Emergence event RPC-137-1 shows no anomalous properties.

RPC-137-2 is a wooden house at least one century in age. It must be kept in good condition to prevent a Relocation event, but otherwise does not need to be furnished. The current RPC-137-2 only contains a table and RPC-137-3. RPC-137-2 displays no anomalous properties.

RPC-137-3 is a Longcase pendulum (grandfather) clock. On the day of an Emergence event, RPC-137-3 will chime thirteen times at noon local time. Measurements indicate this chime is only 55 decibels, but it can be heard up to 4.3 km away. Aside from these events RPC-137-3 displays no anomalous properties.

Emergence events occur every 17-31 days at 30-45 minutes after sunset. Within 5-10 minutes after emerging RPC-137 will enter RPC-137-2. If all of the supplies are present it will begin typing. If any supply is missing, RPC-137 will seek it out, traveling towards the nearest instance of a suitable supply at ███ km/h. Redundant supplies must be kept on-site to prevent a containment breach in this situation. RPC-137 does not seem to be aware of human or animal life and will push past any individual in its path. Physical contact with RPC-137 causes death in a manner similar to forced viewing.

RPC-137 will work at its typewriter until 40-60 minutes before dawn. RPC-137 will cease typing, exit RPC-137-2, approach RPC-137-1 and disappear after 1-2 minutes. No witness has been capable of describing its methods of disappearing. RPC-137 will produce 12-26 chapters of a novel during each event. This writing is non-anomalous and an excerpt is located below.

"I mean for you to be mine," Roderick said, his muscular frame heaving with barely retrained passion. Sarah had always considered herself a chaste woman, a good wife, but those fiery eyes of his made it so hard to be faithful.

"But my husband-" she began.

"Isn't here," Roderick interrupted. "And though your lips may lie, your heart says that you prefer it that way."

Addendum: The novels produced by RPC-137 are currently sold through ███████ Publishing under the pseudonym 'Helen P. Armorartis'. The funds raised through these contracts have been enough to defray the costs of its containment and, if the reader base continues to grow, may turn a modest profit for the Authority.

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