RPC-144-J in its passive state (RPC-144-J-1)

Item #: RPC-144-J

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-144-J is to be housed in a 10m x 10m x 10m containment cell at Site ██, lined with ceramic tiles. This room should include a 2m x 2m x 38.1cm patch of dirt at the furthest point from the reinforced steel door. This room should also be reinforced from the outside with Tungsten Carbide Supports, and damage to these supports should be reported immediately to security.

The soil is to be manually watered by a member of personnel, preferably Class D, once a day, and the soil is to be replaced once every two months. Under no circumstances is the soil to be fertilized or enhanced with any growth formulae. Requests from RPC-144-J should be approved within reason and must be approved by a member of personnel with Level 3 or higher security clearance.

Description: RPC-144-J is a 12.7cm tall carrot, that weighs 1kg and has four noticeable appendages, similar to limbs. All tests performed on RPC-144-J’s body tissue have proven to be genetically identical to an ordinary carrot. This includes tissue samples recovered after Containment Breach 144-01. Attempts to eat samples of RPC-144-J’s bodily tissue reveal to show no anomalous effects, outside of a displaced dry mouth and throat symptom that lasts for up to five hours after consumption.

RPC-144-J is completely sapient and fully understands that it is a carrot. It is capable of performing movement in the same fashion as a human, with very little struggle in free movement. Despite lacking an orifice for speech or organic material dedicated to a speaking function, it is fully capable of speaking, listening, and displays all of the other five senses.

RPC-144-J describes all humans as “absolutely apathetic genocide artists who seek the death of all life it deems unworthy”, and shows a deep resentment for humans. It has been quoted on multiple occasions to use phrases such as “heartless bastards”, “sick perverted megalomaniacs”, and “unfeeling husks of hatred and death”. When asked to explain these emotions, vague responses such as “why would a human want to know the pain of his next snack” and “do you really care?” are common responses, and attempts to console or argue with RPC-144-J have unanimously resulted in failure. This has made it completely impossible to interview RPC-144-J, and no further attempts to interview RPC-144-J should be made, and all previously attempted interviews with RPC-144-J have been archived in the Test Log.

If RPC-144-J is threatened, severely insulted, or if RPC-144-J wishes to, RPC-144-J will undergo a rapid transformation into RPC-144-J-1, a transformation process which consists of two seconds of violent convulsions and rapid, cancerous growth. RPC-144-J-1 is 2.9m tall, weighs 195kg, and has hand and foot like appendages, similar to an sapien biped, made from RPC-144-J’s carrot like flesh.

RPC-144-J-1 will attack all nearby humans, and will first attempt to subdue them via use of blunt force. If this is successful, RPC-144-J-1 will proceed to press its hand against the target’s center of mass, growing roots into its victim from his hands for the purpose of absorbing blood from the target. After the target has become bloodless, more roots will grow into them. From this point, RPC-144-J-1 will first completely desiccate the corpse, then absorbing all of the target’s remaining biomass over a period of 10 minutes.

Test Log:

Recovery Log: The Authority became aware of RPC-144-J after a report of a “giant carrot man” assault people near [REDACTED], Estonia. RPC-144-J was found immediately by MST Team Whiskey-04, codenamed “Herbicidal Gardeners”. RPC-144-J was immediately incapacitated via excessive blunt force trauma to the center of mass. RPC-144-J was detained, and sustained no apparent damage from being incapacitated. Class B and suppressive amnestics were applied to all people who were tied to or were investigating any case involving RPC-144-J, and all media sources were bribed accordingly.

Incident Log:

Addendum 1: After Incident 144-01, all Class D personnel assigned to water RPC-144-J are instructed to not speak while performing the task, with threat of immediate termination to those who do not comply.

Addendum 2: After Dr. Wade’s injury at the hand of RPC-144-J, Dr. Wade has proposed that RPC-144-J be moved to a more heavy containment cell or be neutralized.

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