Instance of a steam locomotive similar in appearance to RPC-147. Circa. 13/07/1949.

Registered Phenomena Code: 147

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-147 itself is self-contained, with the exception of its RPC-147-1 instances. Due to their nature and sporadic manifestations, RPC-147-1 instances are currently unable to be contained. OL-Site-147 has been established near the area circled around by RPC-147 and must be kept under observation by on-site personnel. Any minor changes in direction or speed at which RPC-147 is going is to be expected, as well as any occurring Husk Events.

OL-Site-147 is to be disguised as an active ecological research station and wildlife preserve. A 50km radius of protected waters is to be maintained around the site. These waters are to be routinely patrolled by Authority assets disguised as research personnel. Trespassers are to be interrogated, administered amnestics, and released into the nearby town of █████.

Description: RPC-147 is a steam train, specifically a Union Pacific Railroad's 4000-class 4-8-8-4 articulated steam locomotive, commonly known as a 'Big Boy'. It is currently located off of the coast of █████, Alaska on the ocean floor of the Southern Sea at a depth of approximately 1,205 meters. RPC-147's engine measures approximately 26 meters in length. RPC-147 is surmised to be operating on the ocean floor of the Arctic without rails.

RPC-147 seems to be able to operate without any source of power or energy. The speed at which RPC-147 travels underwater is approximately 330 kph, which is notably much faster than that of an average steam engine1. Alongside the effects of prolonged exposure to the pressure of the oceans depths, RPC-147 possesses extraordinary endurance.

RPC-147 travels along a set path that roughly circles around an area on the ocean floor known as the 'Tarrak Iglu'2by the local Iñupiat peoples. Based off of folklore often told by a few Iñupiat tribes, this is supposedly the origin point of a species of 'shadow people'. This area measures approximately 210 meters in length and 195 meters in width. RPC-147 will always stop at one particular point while circling the area, which is notably the closest point to nearby land. When this occurs, a Husk Event is undergone.


Picture taken of an instance of RPC-147-1 before quickly vanishing.

RPC-147 will produce a sound similar to that of those made by humpback whales. This sound is not hindered whatsoever by the water around it, and can clearly be heard by those within a 300 meter radius of RPC-147 at that time. Although only some people have been recorded being able to hear this noise, hypothesized to be due to its possible psychoactive effects, it is not yet known as to what dictates who can hear it. When this occurs, multiple (usually ten or eleven) humanoids, cast in an unidentified murky substance, will exit RPC-147 and disappear soon afterwards. Multiple witnesses of entities possessing an appearance similar to these humanoids, hereby designated as instances of RPC-147-1, are reported in the nearby areas whenever a Husk Event occurs. The purposes of their presence is also unknown.

Due to their nature, they are unable to be directly interacted with and will disappear shortly after any attempts to contact them are made. It is notable that disappearances among the Iñupiat peoples are not infrequent, and that these disappearances increase during a small period after a Husk Event. Despite this, the people currently residing in the nearby town have had no qualms about this, seeming almost unfazed by these occurrences. Further investigation about their involvement with RPC-147 and instances of RPC-147-1 are ongoing.

Addendum 147-01: As of 10/03/20██, instances of RPC-147-1 departing from RPC-147 have increased substantially in numbers. Despite this, the disappearances within the nearby town are not relative to this random bolster in numbers. Little is known about why this has occurred. On-site researchers have speculated that it might correlate with the sudden involvement of the Authority. Requests for reclassification of RPC-147 as a sapient hazard are currently ongoing.

Addendum 147-02:

Interviewer: Agent Harry Penbrooke

Interviewee: Pana Black, Iñupiat native

Foreword: The local Iñupiat tribes have shown to have extensive knowledge of RPC-147-1, but no currently proclaimed information information regarding RPC-147 itself. On-site Authority agents have continuously requested interviews with them to gain information that could possibly be detrimental to containing it but all requests have so far been denied. Not until 08/11/20██ did a native by the name of Pana Black finally offer an interview with Agent Penbrooke. Below is the following interview.


Penbrooke: Okay. Uh, Mr. Black, was it?

Black: You can call me Pana.

Penbrooke: Alright, Pana. What do you know about RPC-147-1? Er, that is, the shadow people that come here every so often.

Black: I suppose I am to assume you are speaking about the tariaksuq?

Penbrooke: Is that what your people call them?

Black: They are called by a few names, yes. What would you like to know about them?

Penbrooke: Well for starters, why not tell me about Tarrak Iglu?

Black: Hm. Well, it is a portal for the tariaksuq to come through. Not much else is known other than that I'm afraid.

Penbrooke: I see. What about the tariaksuq themselves? Why do they come here?

Black: They seek others that would join them.

Penbrooke: What do you mean by join them?

Black: I don't know. The only people who know are the ones who decided to actually go with the tariaksuq back to wherever they usually come from.

Penbrooke: I don't understand.

Black: The tariaksuq are a mysterious folk. Apparently they're just like us. We just can't see 'em. You can't look at them, or else they'll disappear. So you have to look at them using a mirror or the like. Don't ask me why. I ain't a shadow man expert.

Penbrooke: There isn’t anything else? There has to be more.

Black: I'm sorry to say but I've given you all I've got. The only ones with the extensive knowledge you seek are the elders of my village, and they aren't too keen on speaking to people like you.

Penbrooke: People like me?

Black: Outsiders. You know, preservation of tradition and all that.

Penbrooke: Okay. I have one last question for you. Have you ever encountered one yourself?

Black: I believe so yes. At least, I think I did.

Penbrooke: Did it say anything to you?

Black: It asked me if I wanted to join it on its train back home. I don’t know why it wanted me to go with it on a train, but I politely declined. Disappeared as soon as it came.

Penbrooke: Well, alright. I think that’s it. Thank you for your time Mr. Black.

Black: Oh no problem, I never quite understood tradition anyways. Also, one more thing.

Penbrooke: Yes?

Black: Avoid the shorelines. I heard the tariaksuq like to meet and greet with unique travelers such as yourself over there.

Penbrooke: I’ll keep that in mind.


Addendum 147-03: Agent Penbrooke, two days after his interview with Pana Black and still stationed in the nearby town of █████, vanished. A search party was conducted to find Penbrooke. Leaving no traces of his whereabouts, Agent Penbrooke was declared MIA and reparations were promptly payed to his family as compensation. Authority researchers have concluded that Agent Penbrooke, based upon the audio log he left behind, was taken by an instance of RPC-147-1.

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