RPC-149 (circa. ████)

Registered Phenomena Code: 149

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Anti-Physical Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Currently located onsite at Site-██, RPC-149 is contained in a complex labyrinth that resembles the streets of Whitechapel, England. The concrete walls of the containment chamber are to be fitted with a specialized material that produces an electrical barrier field to prevent RPC-149 escaping via its anomalous abilities. During transfer, RPC-149 must be secured within a specialized handcuffs that prevents RPC-149 from breaking loose by its anomalous abilities, and must be monitored by no more than three security personnel each of which must carry a taser device.

Onsite security for RPC-149 are specifically handled by Mobile Strike Team Echo-092 ("Spectre") that is responsible for providing security and containment of RPC-149. Under no circumstances should onsite personnel below Level 4 clearance enter, nor confront, the containment chamber with a radius of five meters. Additionally, onsite security, along with research personnel, are not to carry any sharp objects within a radius of two meters of RPC-149. (See Addendum 149.02)

Description: RPC-149 is a Caucasian-British female, appearing to be in its mid-30s, who has been observed to exhibit anomalous properties through phasing solid surfaces, and disappearing once line of sight has been broken by one or more individuals around it. However, RPC-149 cannot solidify its materials through electrical matter, and can be subdued by an electroshock weapon. While RPC-149 insists onsite personnel to refer it as Jill, personnel are recommended to follow its suggestive name as to prevent agitation of RPC-149's aggressive behavior. Additionally, any sharp objects in view of RPC-149 will also agitate RPC-149's behavior.

Since RPC-149's initial containment, RPC-149 has been given psychological evaluations following
close observations of mental illness signs that relate to RPC-149's uncontrollable aggressive behavior, and has since been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) due to RPC-149 exhibiting erratic behavior towards onsite personnel, and unpredictability towards female personnel. (See Addendum 149.01)

Onsite psychiatrics have noted that RPC-149's violent tendencies towards women have been a likely cause from their antecedent homicidal and spree killings prior to its containment. Research regarding RPC-149's aggressive behavior that may have relevancy towards its anomalous properties are currently ongoing.

Discovery: In mid-late 19th century, the Metropolitan Police have been investigating horrific acts of murders that involved a series of killings of four confirmed victims around the London district of Whitechapel. With Downing Street concerned that these killings may spread outward of the Whitechapel district, Prime Minister Cecil directed the Bureau of Anomalous Research Operations, or the Bureau,1 to assist and investigate the serial killings if there were any connections to the anomalous.

On August 29th, 1889, the Bureau received an unaddressed letter directly delivered to Section Chief ███████, revealing the killer's name as Jill The Ripper (henceforth refer as RPC-149). However, due to the contents of the letter being deemed sensitive under the Officials Secrets Act of 1889, the original letter was confidentially archived and a second copy was heavily revised and reedited for public release with a different denomination as Jack The Ripper.

Throughout the weeks of investigations, the Bureau discovered a warehouse that was suspected to be a hide out for RPC-149 within a nearby church. It was also noted that RPC-149 had the ability to escape from custody through anomalies means after Bureau operatives witnessed RPC-149 disappearing through the walls. This, however, did not slow down nor stopped the killings as it ensued until in September, [REDACTED], the Bureau carried out a successful operation that lead to the containment of RPC-149.

Due to government scrutiny at that time, Downing Street directed the Bureau to suppress and expunge incriminating information regarding the killings, both confirmed and unconfirmed, to prevent the existence of the agency and RPC-149 from being uncovered. With the assistance of Nikola Tesla, whom was a scientific consultant for the Bureau during his visit in London, he had designed and created an electrical containment field that was one of its earliest prototypes during that century, and had been used as a containment cell for RPC-149.

By June 24th, 1961, the British Government officially transferred the custody of RPC-149 to the Authority as per the agreement of the Esher Report of 1904, and also due to the instability of RPC-149 that Military Intelligence Section XIII could no longer maintain.

Addendum 149.01: Interview Logs

Interview-A1: The interview was administered by Dr. ██████, along with three security officials being presented in the room as a precaution, and was conducted to extract background information that is vital to the understanding of RPC-149. The following is a transcript between Dr. ██████ and RPC-149.

Interview-A2: Interview protocols from the previous session were reapplied here, however, Researcher ████ had taken over Dr. ██████'s supervision to conduct the interview. The following is a transcript between Researcher ████ and RPC-149.

Addendum 149.02: Incident Log

Foreword: Onsite security were transferring RPC-149 to a temporary containment chamber as RPC-149's chamber was going under site maintenance. RPC-149 was insinuated into an aggression state when it was reported that one of the security detail was carrying a standard issued combat knife which agitated RPC-149, and proceeded to viciously attack the security detail.

The following is an audio transcript between 1st Lt. Daniel Fauster and Dr. Daemon Hart.

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