Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-162

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: RPC-162 is to be kept in a large containment unit suitable for its size. RPC-162's motors are to be inspected biweekly for signs of degradation, and any damaged parts replaced thereof.

Interviews may be granted with approval from anyone >Level 3 clearance.

Description: RPC-162 is a large sculpture of a human face comprised of ~170 human cadavers. The individual components of RPC-162 vary in levels of decay, from newly deceased, to nearly entirely decomposed. Each corpse that comprises RPC-162 is connected by plastic tubing, 3.5 cm in diameter, to a grid of motorized pumps. These pumps appear to serve as a circulatory system.

RPC-162 is sentient and sapient and will attempt to converse with any living being it sees. RPC-162 is almost exclusively passive, and has been deemed harmless, due to a lack of physical capacity to cause harm. RPC-162 frequently talks about a variety of philosophical concepts, ranging from practical thought to the abstract.

RPC-162 suffers from retrograde amnesia and is unable to recall events or individuals for longer than approx. 48 hours. Despite this, RPC-162 does not seem to forget any learned quantitative data, and as such, has taken to remembering certain individuals by their numerical statistics. RPC-162 has been found to exhibit extremely high functional control over each individual component of itself. On multiple occasions, when an individual mentions RPC-162's "unsightly" appearance, RPC-162 was capable of modifying the individual pigmentation of each component's dermal tissue so as to better resemble a human face. Other changes include further modification of pigmentation to give the appearance of complex human eyes in otherwise empty eye sockets. (See Interview)

RPC-162 does not recall its creator, despite referencing them frequently. Evidence suggests RPC-162's cognitive abilities are steadily worsening.


Interviewed: RPC-162

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: Interview conducted by researcher request. No abnormal conditions noted prior to the interview.

<Begin Log, 00:00:00>

Dr. ██████: Good Evening RPC-162.

RPC-162: Pleasant… Hello…

Dr. ██████: How are doing today?

RPC-162: I do not… I do not recognize you… what are your numbers?

Dr. ██████: I apologize… 164 pounds, or 74 kilograms, depending on your preference… 5'11, uhh, for… forty-nine years of age?

RPC-162: Oh… Oh! ████, yes, I recall now! You were here that other time, with the 54-kilogram woman, yes, I remember now. To what do I owe this enchanting visit, monsieur?

Dr. ██████: I'd just like to ask you some questions, that's all… Do you remember if you have a given name?

RPC-162: Names, names, everyone has a name but I, I'm afraid. The creator never gave me one, alas. Perhaps in the future, names will be a thing of the past. Names carry no meaning, you know? Just a collection of pleasant vibrations placed alongside each other deemed suitable by old men many eons ago. Hah! I wonder… Who invented the concept of a name? It is quite an interesting concept. I'd think the man would be rather upset at a dismantling of his creation, just as I imagine mine would be at my decrepit status, as of late. Say, why have you come here again?

Dr. ██████: I'm here to ask you some questions, RPC-162. Do you remember anything about your creator?

RPC-162: Do you remember anything about God?

Dr. ██████: No.

RPC-162: Then there's your answer, child.

<End Log, 00:15:37>

Closing Statement: Interview ended.

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