Registered Phenomena Code: 169

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: The bottle of RPC-169 is located on Site-002, in Bio-lab ██. RPC-169 and RPC-169-1 are to be stored in separate secure cooler units that are bolted to the floor and wall. The passwords to the cooling units are automatically changed on a weekly basis. Instances of RPC-169-1 have been confirmed to activate the effects upon the materials coming into contact with unprotected skin tissues, making basic hazardous material suits mandatory for transporting and conducting tests. If directly exposed to RPC-169-1, personnel are to immediately contact the Lead Researcher.

Instances of RPC-169-2 are examined on a case by case basis. However, general outlines of treatment are as followed:

  • Human based RPC-169-2 are kept in Bio-lab ██ for study until ██ months of age. The RPC-169-2 is then transferred to an observed living space located in Section ███ of Site-002.
  • Animal based RPC-169-2 cases often die within minutes of birth. Regardless, RPC-169-2 are separated from the mother and stored for later autopsy. In the case of a living animal based RPC-169-2, personnel are to immediately contact the Lead Researcher.
  • Plant based RPC-169-2 are to be transferred to hydroponics room ██ in section ███ for further study.

Description: RPC-169 is a number of soft-capsule pills contained within a transparent 1000ml plastic container. On the front of the bottle a crudely taped on label reads, "Amazing! Co. Ultimate Male Enhancement!". Removal of the label makes it apparent that the creator re-purposed a container of ██████. User instructions are located on the back of the bottle, along with a hastily written on list of side effects.

1. Don't be a Woman!
2. Don't be a Nance!
3. Take one pill with water, and Romance!
Headaches, nausea, rapid heart rate, and liver failure is known to happen. Don't go crazy!

Brought to you by Señor José Increíble

The effects of taking RPC-169 is often immediate. With or without the label's suggestion of water. As of current testing, the specific 'enhancements' seem to be a case by case basis with some common secondary effects. The most often reported 'enhancement' effect is a feeling of overwhelming confidence, a noticeable increase in physical endurance, and the standard effects of other, non-anomalous, 'male enhancement' medication. The current known side effects include; Nausea, Headaches, Rapid heart-rate, grotesque swelling of genitals, Total heart failure, and a lack of situational awareness. While RPC-169 is in effect, the user does not seem to be aware of any changes beyond their increased endurance.

The standard length of RPC-169's effective time is 2-3 hours, depending on the body mass of the subject. When the subject releases it's ejaculate, hereby referred to as RPC-169-1, RPC-169's anomalous changes are apparent. Current testing shows that any direct contact with RPC-169-1, no matter the orifice or placement on the body, results in a pregnancy. As of right now, the total rate of conception is 100%. Live births are hereby referred to as RPC-169-2.

When the subject takes more than one RPC-169 at once, they appear to lose all cognitive reasoning. If left alone, the subject begins a near frantic search for a sexual partner. Often removing clothes while in the process of searching. Once the subject finds something biological, they will attempt to fornicate with it. Whether it be animal or plant, this doesn't seem to matter in their new state of mind. There also seems to be no regard to their own well being, or that of their victim. Often this results in injuries to both of the participants, and the effects of RPC-169-1 activating on the subject’s partner. Four hours after the overdose of RPC-169, the subject is put through intense pain as their genitals swell unnaturally. Shortly after, the subject's genital area detonates with enough force to shatter their pelvis and dislocate their legs. Death from blood loss, often, follows shortly after.

Female specimens who ingest RPC-169 suffer total organ failure as their body violently rejects the unknown chemical compound.

RPC-169-2 takes traits from both the user of RPC-169 and their partner, giving the result of a 'hybrid' between the two. In cases of human RPC-169-2, the hybridization has no ill effects on their appearance or genetics. However, the cases of animal RPC-169-2's hybridization are much more pronounced. Body parts are mixed together, with no two same RPC-169-2 suffering the same birth defects. Organ failure is perhaps the largest failings of animal RPC-169-2, as their human and animal organs are often incompatible. Plant RPC-169-2 however are fairly stable, compared to the animal RPC-169-2. Their appearance is often a crude copy of the 'mother' plant made out of living flesh. Fingers for leaves and eyes in the middle of tongue petals appear to be a common trait.

Recovery log: RPC-169 was discovered by Agent ████ in the glove-box of ████ ██████'s truck on ██/██/███. ████ was found naked, covered in blood and frothing at the mouth by the ████████ county police. Officer █████ recorded that the man had molested at least ██ women and █ men before being apprehended. While being transported to the station, the suspect's lower half suddenly exploded. The shock of the event caused the officer to swerve into oncoming traffic. RPC was informed of possible anomalous activity after an internal investigation found no evidence of man-made explosives. No male victims were affected by RPC-169-1 at this time.

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