Registered Phenomena Code: 170

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazards: Animated Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Toxicity Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: All unpackaged instances of RPC-170 are to be kept in containment room 4B on Site-068, in a Level 3 anomalous item containment chamber. Due to the anomalous nature of RPC-170, anyone who enters must wear diver's mail.1 In the event of any incidents of RPC-170 biting personnel, Class A amnesiacs are to administered to the victims. Any CSDs bitten by RPC-170 are to be terminated.2 RPC-170 shall not be permitted near wooden objects and/or electrical appliances. Personnel coming to collect vials of RPC-170-1 for the Procedure-170-ESARE are to wear industrial rubber gloves to avoid the danger of RPC-170 biting them. An observation room is to be built at the left-hand side of the containment chamber with a thick see-through glass window showing the containment chamber.

Description: RPC-170 is the designation given to a line of products created by GOI-013 ("Amazing! Co."). Said products are a series of toys that resembles a spider of the Loxosceles reclusa species(Brown recluse spider). RPC-170 are animate and extremely aggressive, despite being made of plastic. RPC-170 instances are animate and extremely aggressive, despite being made of plastic. RPC-170 will attemp to bite any animal or human subject that it encounters. Once an instance of RPC-170 bites a subject, it will inject them with an anomalous neurotoxin known as RPC-170-1. RPC-170 instances are not aggressive to subjects that have previously been injected with RPC-170-1. For RPC-170-1's use in Protocol-170-ESARE check addendum below.

RPC-170 instances are normally packaged in plastic with a cardboard packing adorned with GOI-013's company logo. Additional phrases printed on the packaging include "Contain Happy Juice", "The cwuetest wutest thing ever!", and "child requires to be 3+ years of age". While in packaging, RPC-170 are inactive. However, approximately 10% of RPC-170 display the ability to become active while still in packaging. These instances will not attempt to un-package other RPC-170 instances, and will behave in the same manner as regular RPC-170 instances.

RPC-170-1 is universally non-lethal, and will cause the subject to perceive RPC-170 as "cute". While this in and of itself is harmless, While this in and of itself is harmless, RPC-170-1 will also cause the subject to perceive various other objects/organisms as "cute." Notable examples include the blobfish, water bottles, and tissue paper. No pattern to this part of RPC-170-1's effect has been identified and No pattern to this part of RPC-170-1's effect has been identified. Upon initially being injected with RPC-170-1 subjects will experience nausea, headaches, double vision, and hallucinations.
While uncommon, RPC-170-1 has been known to cause nerve damage and temporary blindness.

Addendum.1: Protocol-170-ESARE

Addendum.2: Recovery Log

Addendum.3: Experiment logs

Addendum.4: Interview Logs

Addendum.5 Incident-1/170

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