Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-170

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-170 is to be kept in an air-sealed cylindrical container, stored in a soundproof containment locker at site-██. If RPC-170 is to be moved elsewhere, the carrier is required to be switched at intervals between three (3) and eleven (11) minutes, while escorting personnel are to stay approximately three (3) meters away from the carrier.

Description: RPC-170 is a currently unknown type of red apple. The anomaly take effect when a subject is within (2) meters of it's current location, coupled with an "activation" time of four point thirty-six (4.36) minutes, RPC-170 will manifest the reverberation of a heartbeat centered in the object. Upon hearing the beat, the subject will experience the belief of two connotations:

  • The idea of RPC-170 becoming the heart of the subject.
  • An intense feeling of gluttony.

Once the reaction occurs, all sound pertaining to the subject's heartbeat will cease. If RPC-170 is to be used as an aliment during activation, the subject will experience severe chest pain. Approximately fifteen (15) minutes after the subject's death, the body will enter a state of rapid decomposition around the chest area. Once the subject affected by RPC-170 is declared deceased, RPC-170 will propagate into the subjects body flourishing as a specimen of RPC-170-1 in the form of a small apple tree. Specimens of RPC-170-1 will continue to grow a single instance of RPC-170.

Interview Log 170-01

Interviewed: D-2383 (Reacting to RPC-170)

Interviewer: Dr. Reev

Foreword: This interview was conducted on a class D subject to study the anomalous effects of RPC-170.

<Begin Log, 16:36>

Dr. Reev: How do you feel D-2383?

D-2383: (Ignores the question and stares at RPC-170 in his hands)

Dr. Reev: D-2383, please answer the question.

D-2383: I… (Pauses) I can hear it beat. So red, so shiny… (Pauses again) So… perfect.

Dr. Reev: Can you describe this..beat?

D-2383: It's just like a heart.

Dr. Reev: Can you…(D-2383 interrupts)

D-2383: My heart.

Dr. Reev: Excuse me?

D-2383: It's my heart.

Dr. Reev: Right…How do you feel?

D-2383: Hungry, I feel hungry.

Dr. Reev: Do you want anything to eat? Something sweet perhaps?

D-2383: Well… (Breathing heavily) I have a perfectly good apple right here. All I need is just one bite. There's nothing wrong with that, right? (Laughing) I mean, it's just an apple, I can eat it if I want.

Dr. Reev: I wouldn't sugges…

D-2383: (Takes a bite of RPC-170) Agh! (D-2383 clamps his chest) It's so…so good. The heartbeat… It's getting louder. (Laughing) I can feel it!

Dr. Reev: Stop the interview! Get him to the medical center now! D-2383, stop eating!

D-2383: I'm all good Doc, there's no need to worry. (Laughing loudly) An apple a day keeps the doctor away! (Takes another bite of RPC-170) (Groans) I…I'm still hungry. (Falls off the chair) I need more!

<End Log, 17:23>

Closing Statement: D-2383 finished off the remains of RPC-170, collapsed to the floor and was declared deceased due to heart injury. Later autopsy revealed the subject's heart to have metamorphosed into a leftover apple core. RPC-170-1 propagated within D-2383's corpse few minutes later, producing a single instance of RPC-170 which was returned to containment.

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