Baba Awaits You



Registered Phenomena Code: 190

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-visual.png Visual Hazard h-organic.png Organic Hazard h-self-replicating.png Self-Replicating Hazard h-ontological.png Ontological Hazard h-transmutable.png Transmutation Hazard

Image included alongside RPC-190-2 messages.

Containment Protocols: RPC-190 is currently uncontained as it is spread from an unknown source that through IP tracking and data location has not been found but has direct connections to the GoI "The Church of Malthus". MST X-RAY 6 (Annulifiers) is assigned as an online task force for cybersecurity against RPC-190. All archived copies of sites and personal files infected with RPC-190 are contained on a kill switch Hyperion 3200 hard drive at Site-016's file archive sector. All activity with this drive is under the discretion of the commander of X-RAY 6.

Description: RPC-190 is an anomalous computer virus1 included within a GIF image file which is considered anomalous due to its delivery method. RPC-190-1 is a varying anomalous2 effect that occurs when a subject is introduced visually to RPC-190 and varies with time the subject is viewing RPC-190. All messages found with RPC-190 instances are considered RPC-190-2 and have included a message which reads "CoM: Become the best you that you can be!". These messages include a link to the web domain Babawaits.CoM3 When accessed, this link will redirect to an image storage domain for RPC-190.

RPC-190-3 is a species of hairless monkey that was formerly Homo Sapiens, whose Genus has been identified as Papio and is believed to share the same genetic family as similar species of monkeys, as well as certain species of great ape. All RPC-190-3 specimens develp and carry a virulent strain of bacteria that causes the same anomalous effects as RPC-190-2. Further investigation into the reversal of the effects of RPC-190-1 and its possible use for Protection Division purposes is underway. The testing log for the known effects of RPC-190-1 and information on RPC-190-3 may be found below in Addenda. Also included is a copy of RPC-190 at a secure domain.

Discovery: RPC-190 was originally discovered by the Authority at the public web domain ██████████████.com during a routine online sweep ██/██/████. The original post advertised RPC-190 as an inspirational image along with a prompt to access the site linked. All RPC-190-2 instances found after this contained the same message.4While these posters were investigated, no source for who had posted the message could be found.


190-1 test report: Subject stirred, rose from the ground, and began to make growling vocalizations before using it's fists to attack containment chamber walls. Because of the danger present limited access drones were used to inspect the subject. After further study CSD-9023 was reclassified as RPC-190-3 due to it's sapient status being lost. RPC-190-3 is currently contained at Site-002 in its secondary humanoid containment wing and has demonstrated well beyond the average for human strength in testing. Mouth structure and tooth composition became similar to that of the genus Papio. Tail growth was recorded on further inspection of instance but was found to be minor.

Incident log 190-3-1:
RPC-190-2 breached containment on ██/██/████ after security personnel did not use the provided restraints during its feeding time. 3 security personnel were killed and 7 others injured. All injured personnel experienced the same anomalous effect as RPC-190-3 30 minutes after receiving injuries that broke the skin, the process is believed to be spread by bacteria on the underside of RPC-190-3's fingernails, research into this change is ongoing. The 7 new instances have been reclassified as RPC-190-3 and relocated to Site-002's secondary containment wing.

RPC-190 access point:

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