Registered Phenomena Code: 190

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Installation-139-11 has been built around RPC-190-1, with armed personnel patrolling the perimeter of RPC-190-1. Surveillance cameras are to be installed and maintained in every room within RPC-190-1, with an exterior monitoring station set up outside of RPC-190-1. The monitoring station must have a minimum of 20 personnel watching the camera system at all times, these individuals are to inform each other when they are about to blink and may not blink at the same time.

Should a scenario occur where the camera system cannot be monitored all on-site security are to enact Emergency Protocol Lambda 82. All security doors are to be locked and any on-site research personnel are to be evacuated.

Description: RPC-190-1 is an abandoned factory located in ███████, Florida. Various sections of RPC-190-1 are in a state of extreme disrepair while others are in pristine condition. RPC-190-1 appears to be immune against all forms of demolition with the exception of natural decomposition.2

RPC-190-1's second anomalous effects occur when rooms within RPC-190-1 are not being viewed by a sentient human. When these conditions are met instances of RPC-190-2 will begin to manifest within the unobserved rooms. There is no established limit to how many instances of RPC-190-2 can appear in any given time. Instances of RPC-190-2 take the form of mascot costumes, the range of what type of mascot is used appears to have no range as mascots from sports to amusement parks have been observed. These instances frequently have exaggerated features but have these common repeated traits listed below:

  • Large widely smiling mouths and large flat eyes, taking up most of the face.
  • Extreme aggression in the presence of all non-190 lifeforms

An instance of RPC-190-2A

Instances of RPC-190-2 are also known to come in 2 variants sub-classed as RPC-190-2A and RPC-190-2B.

Instances of RPC-190-2A regularly kill victims utilizing blunt force trauma to vital areas, and have been known to vocalize with enough intelligence to be considered sapient. These instances usually try to convince human targets to approach with friendly language and gesturing and have been observed to operate in groups when multiple instances of RPC-190-2A appear.

Instances of RPC-190-2B are typically unintelligent and have appendages of extreme length that allow running at high speeds of 48 to 192 Kilometers per hour. Instances of RPC-190-2B also have elongated mouths which are frequently used to bite off sections of their victims which are then eaten.

Autopsies of RPC-190-2 instances have revealed a wide range of inconsistencies in material make-up and anatomy, With each individual instance being composed of a variety of organic and inorganic material. This has included human feces, wood, plastic, severed human heads, newspapers, and radioactive uranium. Although all instances have a varying internal composition the exterior "skin" is formed of the same unknown organic compound.

While it is unknown how instances of RPC-190-2 spawn or where the material that is found inside each instance is from, attempts at filling the rooms of RPC-190-1 with material with the intention of stopping RPC-190-2 from spawning have yielded instances of RPC-190-2 comprised of the material used to fill the aforementioned rooms3

Addendum 190-1

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