Registered Phenomena Code: 192

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazards: Anti-physical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-192 must be kept within their designated Reality Vaccum Testing Chamber1 at all times. Under no circumstances are personnel to remove RPC-192 from its containment.

Failure to maintain containment can result in a site-wide breach of containment.

Description: RPC-192 is the designation for a collection of spherical objects developed by the Office of Analysis and Science as a proof of concept. RPC-192 are quasi-physical objects, and were designed with the intention of successfully being inverted. The material comprising RPC-192 is able to spatially overlap2 itself, resulting in an object capable of overlapping itself. Utilizing a specialized mechanical apparatus, researchers were successfully able to invert the surface of RPC-192.

Initially, the team attempted to achieve this with multiple different geometric structures, such as cubes, tetrahedrons, and pyramids. After numerous failures, a spherical figure was determined to be most successful in early testing, leading to the full development of RPC-192.

The creation of RVTCs occurred following the discovery of volatile properties displayed by RPC-192 instances. The apparatus functions by destabilizing the encapsulated reality, and then utilizing a modified RPC-096 system to remove the sections of pliable reality. This effectively creates a reality void suitable for testing.

RPC-192 instances are unstable and extremely volatile in areas of exceptionally low or high real stability. Removing an instance of RPC-192 from the specialized RVTCs they are contained in can cause a variety of phenomena, including inadvertent nuclear fission, caused by the rapid inversion of surrounding atoms. As such, proper precautions, even when testing within a RVTC, are strictly enforced.

Ongoing research into practical applications of RPC-192 is pending.

There is a real possibility that this new discovery could open doors to such utilities as the creation of "stacked" containment units, functioning almost as a pocket dimension for our own uses. There is some real promise here.

-Director ██████████

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