Registered Phenomena Code: 197

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-197 is contained at Site-009s anoumlous containment wing. Any staff interacting with RPC-197 must wear gold foil suits and respirators. Skin-to-skin contact with RPC-197 may require immediate amputation of the affected area.

RPC-197 may only leave his cell in a double-layer gold foil suit. RPC-197 must be locked into said suit and must be monitored for signs of escape.

RPC-197’s room is to be plated in low-karat gold to prevent contamination of neighboring rooms and floors. RPC-197's furnishings are sparse and require low maintenance. A drainpipe is to be connected from RPC-197's shower to a tank in the nearby CCRC Biochemical Division.

RPC-197 is to be provided a dosage of Pactolus water upon request for the removal of gold tissue buildup.

Personnel are forbidden from asking for personal favors from RPC-197 by his request.

Description: RPC-197 is a sentient gold-plated humanoid, weighing an approximated 1450 kg and standing at 188 cm. Physically, RPC-197 resembles a geriatric, elderly man with a golden tint. RPC-197’s internal organs are presumably still intact, but no longer function.

RPC-197 grows gold around his joints, mouth, ears, nose, and eyes at around the same rate as human hair growth. This golden tissue must be groomed and removed using water from the Pactolus River in Greece. This tissue causes extreme discomfort as it grows and, if left unchecked, could possibly result in RPC-197’s death.

RPC-197 claims to be King Midas from Greek legend. RPC-197 claims that a deal with the Greek god Dionysus made him immortal, and that he never relinquished the gift. His abilities resemble the Midas Touch legend very closely. Anything that RPC-197 touches or is touched by is turned to gold. This includes living entities. The extent of this effect is reliant upon how long 197 is in contact with a certain object. Simple taps or brushes result in a base layer of gold forming on top of the object. Holding contact with an object results in a rapid gilding process, followed by a slower conversion of internal matter. Objects that are already made of or covered with gold are immune to this process.

RPC-197 himself has been diagnosed by RPC psychologists as having a high degree of narcissism and lacks empathy. The Site-009 Office of Psychological Profiling theorizes that any attempts to help others is only to show off his own knowledge and prowess, and that this results from a history of prolonged isolation, as well as the effects of accidentally murdering at least one loved one. RPC-197 appears to want to distract from his more negative aspects through his carefree, helpful demeanor.

Perhaps due to his psychological issues and need for attention, a cult of personality has formed around RPC-197. He has been known to give advice to staff on topics ranging from dating, parenting, finances, ███, communication, and even knot-tying and dancing. RPC-197 claims to have acquired the bulk of his knowledge from his time in ancient Greece and his contact with the Romans. RPC-197 also claims to have spoken to travelers from all over the world prior to containment during his life as a recluse. In 1902, he sold his estate in Greece and traveled to America. He was quickly found by Authority personnel and voluntarily detained at Site-009.

Tracing back his history shows these claims to be dubious. There is evidence that RPC-197’s knowledge mostly come from his life prior to his condition and position as a king. What facts are known is that RPC-197 stayed in his relatively isolated estate for at least 27 centuries. There are several hundred signatures in a collection of logbooks that corroborate his stories of having visitors, but most seem to be from Midas’ time as a king, not as a recluse. The most recent signature appears to be from 1676, after a three-century gap. Servants on the property, when asked by RPC detectives in 1903, stated that their orders were to turn away any and all visitors for fear of thievery. RPC-197 claimed it was for their own safety.

RPC-197 spreads a pathogen through biological material and saliva. This pathogen, known as RPC-197-1, temporarily gives its victim the same abilities as RPC-197 for a period of time between 3 and 24 days. During this time, no food may be consumed, only water samples collected from the Pactolus River may be ingested without risk of suffocation or choking. Starvation has been known to occur during this period, particularly among staff members already undergoing religious fasts. RPC-197 states that this is punishment for choosing greed, even after seeing its effects firsthand.

The pathogen’s weakness to river water from specifically the Pactolus River has been studied extensively. It appears that certain microorganisms exist within the water that feed off of RPC-197-1 and other harmful bacteria. These organisms show no other signs of anomalous properties and have as such been denied RPC status.

RPC-197 claims that, after the fall of ancient Greece, his contact with the god Dionysus was severed, leaving him confined to his current lifestyle seemingly indefinitely.

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