Registered Phenomena Code: 202

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazards: Sapient Hazard, Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-202 is to be closed off from the public eye with a five-meter high concrete wall surrounding the 80-meter radius. Any routes leading toward RPC-202 will be blocked by electric gates to prevent unauthorized entry. Two (2) Off-site security guards are to patrol the area around RPC-202. One (1) security guard is to be stationed on a watchtower built at the north-east of RPC-202. Continuous surveillance must be done through security cameras in all rooms, excluding the bathroom, of RPC-202. Any developing plant life exhibiting sedative properties around the perimeter of RPC-202 are to be immediately uprooted and disposed of via incineration. Daily scheduled 'Tea Time' sessions are to take place every afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00.

In the event RPC-202-1 desires to produce a new RPC-202-A instance, a site researcher is to monitor the procedure in order to prevent the addition of harmful ingredients.1. Security staff and researchers are shall not consume any instance of RPC-202-A under any circumstances. Any unauthorized personnel caught attempting to remove RPC-202-A instances from RPC-202 will recieve disciplinary measures. Unauthorized personnel attempting to enter RPC-202 are to be immediately detained and interrogated before being administered amnestics and released.

Description: "RPC-202 is a Victorian-era two storied home containing a 4 m x 8 m x 4 m basement. RPC-202 is located in ████████ Forest of ████████, England and is believed to have been abandoned in 1889. RPC-202 is composed of normal building materials, including wood, brick, and concrete. RPC-202 consists of various rooms, including a kitchen, living room, master's bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, and recreational room. RPC-202 exhibits two anomalous properties in its structure, including a continuously replenishing plumbing system (functioning regardless of impediment) and invulnerability to physical/chemical breakdown. The area surrounding RPC-202 is a forest of tall thin Pine trees with natural dirt footpaths leading to the home. RPC-202 will produce a cognitohazardous effect toward any individuals within a 5-kilometer radius of its position. This effect causes the individual to proceed along one of the footpaths leading to RPC-202 before entering it.


RPC-202-1 and RPC-202-2.

There are two entities residing within the home, designated RPC-202-1 and RPC-202-2. RPC-202-1 and RPC-202-2 are perceived as Caucasians of British descent, female and male respectively. RPC-202 instances do not exhibit any outstanding physical features with the exception of a gaunt physique, above average height2, blonde hair, and grey eyes. The two entities are observed to treat each other as a married couple. Both entities wear clothes that are designed to be in fashion during the late 19th century, more specifically the Victorian era. However, when observed through electronic surveillance or photos, RPC-202 instances instead appear as handmade dolls in the form of anthropomorphic cats. These figures retain their identical clothing as worn by their humanoid manifestations. Security recordings document their movement being labored. The entities require wooden stepping stools to do basic tasks, though these stools are not seen when viewing the entities in person. Any harm or change done to RPC-202 entities are visible when viewing them in person or through digital media.

RPC-202 instances exhibit varying behavioral attitudes toward outside individuals. RPC-202-1 exhibits a patient, tempered attitude, whereas RPC-202-2 periodically displays aggressive tendencies. Both instances; however, will attend to visiting individuals, hosting a "Tea Time" session, lasting between 10 minutes and an hour. Subjects after "Tea Time" experience an improvement to their mood and feel overall emotional betterment, which has since been explained by the entities to originate from the tea, now labeled RPC-202-A. RPC-202-A is a tea with a brown tint brewed by RPC-202-13. The substance is always poured into a small teacup. RPC-202-A's chemical composition; however, is currently indeterminable

Discovery: RPC-202 was discovered when a group of hikers were exploring the forest surrounding the home and followed the footpath towards RPC-202. When one of them took a photo of the entities residing in the home, the result was the photo in the document. The group exhibited discomfort and exited following the capture of the photo. A report was later filed to law enforcement. After the police discovered the home, the Authority was informed and went to RPC-202 to contain it. Amnestics were administered to any unauthorized witnesses.

Addendum.1: Interview Logs

Addendum.2: Incident Logs

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