RPC-204 in containment.

Registered Phenomena Code: 204

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-204 is to be contained in a 4 meter by 4 meter standard humanoid containment chamber 20 kilometers northwest of Site-002 at all times. This containment chamber is to be labeled as "Site-002 Fallout Shelter". As of 27/1/1998, RPC-204 is to be contained in the abandoned town of [REDACTED], Slovakia. At least 100 CSD personnel must occupy this town at all times to prevent RPC-204 from leaving. All instances of RPC-204-1 manifesting in nearby villages must be reported immediately, followed by the administration of amnestics to all inhabitants of the affected village. If RPC-204-2 occurs in a surrounding village, MST Delta-13 "Men In Black" has been assigned to contain all inhabitants and assign the CSD designation. If a test involving RPC-204 is scheduled, it must be transported utilizing aircraft to the scheduled test area. Currently, RPC-204 has not physically attacked any personnel, and thus, it is to be considered docile. A modified tracking device has been implanted on RPC-204. If RPC-204 attempts to breach containment, this tracking device will automatically stun RPC-204. However, RPC-204 has not attempted to breach containment since 27/1/1998.


Replication of RPC-204-1 Broadcast from the Third test of RPC-204. Note the Emergency Management Queensland logo as opposed to the seal of the government of Australia.

Description: RPC-204 is a humanoid entity standing at approximately 180 centimeters and weighing approximately 73 kilograms. RPC-204 wears what appears to be a Czech CBRN suit roughly equivalent to a model from 1993, however, inconsistencies have been sighted with the suit itself. RPC-204 has been confirmed to be anatomically identical to a human male from the age range of 30-34, with the exception of greenish-grey skin. RPC-204 requires no external sustenance, suggesting a presence of self-regeneration. RPC-204 appears to be immune to all forms of damage that would be fatal to an average human, but has been injured from testing. RPC-204 appears to only have a basic concept of socialization and language, as when it is approached, RPC-204 will vocalize survival information for nuclear blasts in the Czech language. Despite wearing an M10-M gas mask at most times, RPC-204's vocalizations sound as if they are unobstructed. As of 9/5/1999, It has been found that RPC-204 can not make these vocalizations without its gas mask.


Manifestation of RPC-204-2.

RPC-204's anomalous properties manifest when RPC enters a populated area of any population size over 250 individuals. Upon entrance, Multiple instances of RPC-204-1 will trigger, followed by the triggering of RPC-204-2 approximately 15 minutes later. During this period, All residents will appear in a state of panic, frantically searching for "Fallout Shelters." After the triggering of RPC-204-2, All humans within the area affected will hallucinate the same post-apocalyptic scenario, reacting differently to their situation according to their pre-RPC-204-2 manifestation mental state. RPC-204 will only leave the area when approximately 75% of the population of the area dies when either approximately 75% of the area's population dies, or if a "Peace Agreement" is reached. Upon RPC-204 leaving an area, the remaining population will no longer hallucinate, yet retaining memories from the hallucinations. This often leads to suicide in most individuals. Those who do not commit suicide upon the conclusion of RPC-204's anomalous properties will express a strong desire to neutralize RPC-204.

RPC-204-1 are a series of emergency broadcasts that originate when RPC-204's anomalous properties manifest. RPC-204-1 instances have shown to be identical to the alert system present in the country it manifests inside of. If a country does not a have a dedicated emergency alert system, RPC-204-1 manifestations will appear to be identical to those of Australia's Standard Emergency Warning Signal, although translated to the language of the country it is broadcasted in. RPC-204-1 broadcasts will always be followed by the same broadcast, although in Czech. If an area's emergency alert system broadcasts in two languages, Czech will always replace the latter language. It is to be noted that all RPC-204-1 broadcasts contain inconsistencies when compared to real broadcasts, most commonly manifesting erroneous locations and incorrect issue source of the warning.

RPC-204-2 appears to be a nuclear detonation to all individuals within RPC-204's affected area. It is to be noted that cameras within RPC-204's affected area will capture both RPC-204-2 and its "Aftermath." Despite being harmless, almost all affected subjects act as if they are being affected by an actual nuclear explosion, such as looking away from the flash, feeling intense heat, and "Dying." When an individual affected by RPC-204 "Dies", they will be sedated for a period of 4 hours. Upon the awakening of the affected individuals, they will see the area as affected by RPC-204-2, showing signs of destruction equivalent to those caused by a nuclear warhead with a yield of approximately 70 kilotons. All individuals will begin to scavenge the "wasteland" for items such as weapons, food, and water. Individuals will then seek out friends, attempting to form small groups. These group will almost always form into "Factions" based on different themes found within the "wasteland". If an unaffected individual enters RPC-204's affected area after the manifestation of RPC-204-2, they will experience no hallucinations caused by RPC-204. However, Individuals who are affected will begin to target unaffected individuals, referring to them as "Demons". Due to this, all affected individuals are to be designated RPC-204-3.

Discovery: RPC-204 was discovered on 2/3/1997, when a video of a supposed nuclear detonation within the Czech Republic was uploaded onto the internet. Authority agents quickly discovered the location of this "detonation" and sent two operatives to the Czech Republic to investigate. When the operatives arrived, The locals all appeared to be alive, with no signs of damage to the town itself. The locals began to attack the agents, which they were able to evade. All civilians were sedated using anesthetic gas. RPC-204 was then spotted without its gas mask on. Its odd skin color, as well as it passiveness, led to containment by the Authority.

Addendum 204-A: Items Recovered from RPC-204 Tests: The following is a table of notable items recovered from all tests, as well a short description, or, in the case of any texts, an excerpt of the text.

Item Name Item Type Description/Excerpt
"The Kitsault Blues" Song Off beat tone, Listening can evoke feelings of sadness, but also feelings of hope. No lyrics exist.
"Colonel Donald Shepherd" Personnel Leader of "Columbia's Sword" faction. Combat prowess drastically increased. Attempted to resist capture. Neutralized.
"Kelly's Wrath" Firearm Crude firearm. AKM internals with L1A1 stock, handguard, and Iron sights. "Kelly's Wrath" inscribed into stock.
"The Constitution of New Siberia City" Text "As a former city in the Union, we believe it is best to incorporate the American constitution into ours. The blueprint that has worked for multiple centuries shall work here in New Siberia City. We will rebuild and we will prosper."
"Flag of the People's Republic of Plymouth" Flag Appears to have taken major inspiration from USSR regional flags.
"The Opposition" Photograph Photograph of two Plymouthites4 holding CSD-4497 Hostage.
"Tyzen's Creed" Text "All citizens must obey Tyzen. He whom has spared us from the end. All who disobey Tyzen's will must be killed on sight. Tyzen Is the one true God. All non-believers must be exiled."
"The Angel" First Aid Kit Standard Authority medical supplies kit with a feminine face as well as "The Angel" drawn with blood.
"God's Torch" Incendiary Weapon Appears to be a standard M2 flamethrower from the Korean War. "God's Torch" name, along with what appears to kill marks engraved into fuel tank.

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