RPC-206 inside its containment cell, exhibiting a neutral emotional state.

Registered Phenomena Code: 206

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Teleportation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-206 is to remain at its current containment cell within Site-013, and any requests to either examine the object or make intimate contact with it must be approved by Level-3 personnel or higher.

The containment cell of RPC-206 is to be decorated to resemble a grassy backyard with artificial light resembling the sun and several plastic furniture, along with a number of feline toys suited for the anomalous morphology of RPC-206. Access to RPC-206 for longer than one hour requires the use of a standard Grade-A HazMat suit, per Authority regulations, failure to comply will result in termination (see Addendum 3). Any affectionary gestures towards [the object] must be accompanied by some form of positive material encouragement.

Per staff inquiry, specialized DAL-11 gloves have been made available for further physical contact with RPC-206. Additionally, staff are prohibited from making contact with the RPC-206 during its periods of increased sexual drive.

In the event of a containment breach, security resources are to be diverted to the retrieval of RPC-206, and is to be considered a medium-to-high-level priority.

Description: RPC-206 is a female Oriental Longhair cat nicknamed "Masha" by the staff that monitors it. RPC-206 is measured to be about 4.5 kilograms and 55 centimeters without its tail, possesses 6 legs, and black sclera. RPC-206 is confirmed to be blind and possesses an enhanced sense of smell and hearing, as well as increased speed and physical strength.

RPC-206's six legs seem to come from a second hip like bone located in the middle of its body, unlike the one located on its back, it does not possess any kind of morphology indicating reproductive organs. RPC-206 appears to not be slowed down by its additional limbs, being able to run faster than the average cat and climb surfaces with ease.

Medical Examinations by Authority Veterinarians have revealed that RPC-206 is a host to a very rabid form of Toxoplasmosis, able to cause miscarriages and sterilizations after just 1 hour of bare contact without a specialized Hazmat suit.

RPC-206 has a relatively docile behavior, displaying all the normal and expected manners of an Oriental Cat, albeit a bit exaggerated, possibly because of its mutant nature. It has been observed to react friendly to gestures of ownership, including but not limited to: petting, feeding from the hand, and combing its hair. As such, friendly contact with it is encouraged outside of estrus periods in order to ensure peak health performance of the subject.

Discovery: RPC-206 was the result of a Soviet genetic experiment that started in ██/██/████ with the goal of making medicine intended to combat Toxoplasmosis, while at the same time create a species of fast, agile and strong cats in order to be used both in espionage and biological warfare. RPC-206 was the only surviving member of its litter and its mutations were the result of radiation exposure during pregnancy and potential contact with RPC-████. Sometime in ██/██/████ RPC-206 escaped the lab in a state of stress using its teleportation ability. RPC-206 wondered the Russian countryside for about 6 months until it was found by a number of elderly females in the remote village of ████████, despite its pleasant nurturing by the locals of the village, it was reported that a large number of women had miscarriages and had become barren in a short time after the arrival of RPC-206, something the Authority immediately noticed, sending a local cell to retrieve [the object] and provide Class-A Amnesiacs to the local population.

Addendum 1: Medical Examination 01

The rabid form of toxoplasm that RPC-206 hosts has been extracted and named Toxoplasma gondii meliusculus, it appears to have mutated in order to adapt to RPC-206's superior immune system, and is much more dangerous than its regular counterpart. Further experimentations could lead to a potential vaccine.

Addendum 2: Medical Examination 02

On █/██/20██, after continuous requests by the monitoring staff, RPC-206 was safely taken from its containment cell and was subjected to continuous experiments by Level-3 scientists. After many months of trial and error, utilizing the cat's enhanced immune system, the scientists were able to create a vaccine that removed 99% of Toxoplasma gondii meliusculus from PRC-206's system. However, the vaccine is still in its experimental stages and whether its effect will be the same on normal felines will require additional years in experimenting.

Addendum 3: "Masha is a friend"

After the successful removal of Toxoplasma gondii meliusculus from the RPC-206's system, containment procedures have loosened after approval from Level-4 officials. Monitoring staff are now permitted to enter the containment cell with only basic Class-A masks and gloves. Physical contact with RPC-206 is allowed and the monitoring staff have made an exceptional emotional relationship with RPC-206, securing its trust to the Authority.

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