Registered Phenomena Code: 214

Object Class: Gamma-Red1

Hazards: Psychokinetic

Containment Protocols: Most containment measures against RPC-214 are rendered ineffective. RPC-214 has been given a specialized living area2, and is allowed a private education during the weekdays. A list of requests made by RPC-214 are available below.

  • Cable Television: Granted
  • Weekly Supplies of Vyvanse3 Tablets: Denied
  • Weekly supplies of canvas and paint: Granted
  • Computer with Internet connection: Denied4
  • An assortment of vinyl music records: Granted
  • One digital keyboard: Granted
  • A subscription to playboy magazine: Denied
  • An adolescent female, approximately 17 years of age: Denied

RPC-214 is highly cooperative. In the event RPC-214 should become hostile or uncooperative with the Authority, RPC-214 is to be sedated immediately and indefinitely.

Description: RPC-214 is the designation for an adolescent white male, aged 16 years, named Maxwell ██████. RPC-214 is approximately 1.8 meters tall, and weighs 72 kilograms. RPC-214 has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, and as such, displays great difficulty utilizing its ability when unmedicated.

RPC-214 possesses the ability to manipulate any and all forms of matter at will perceived to be related to any form of visual artistic media5. It is unknown how this is achieved, however RPC-214 has stated that it first developed the ability at the age of 11. (See Interview-214-1)

RPC-214 is highly interested in both visual and musical arts. It will frequently engage in conversation about a variety of topics pertaining to both; this includes musical tastes, music history, art history, favorite songs, favorite artists, and other similar topics. RPC-214, despite being capable of doing so, does not utilize its ability to perform music or create artwork, and is highly adverse to doing so, for the stated reason of "Not being a true expressive form". (See Interview-214-3)

Discovery: RPC-214 was discovered in a forest near ███████, Oregon after reports of a walking statue circulated in a nearby town. RPC-214 was compliant in capture, having apparently ran away from home. Records indicate RPC-214 was born to █████ ██████ and ███ ██████, before eventually being taken away from them by Child Protection Services. After a period of being in foster care, RPC-214 was legally adopted by ████ ████████, known professionally to the Authority as David Jettison, leader of a group of artists who call themselves the "Outsiders". (see Interview-214-2 & Recovered Media 214-A and 214-B)



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