Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-214

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazards: Visual-Hazard, Grouped-Hazard, Self-Replicating-Hazard, Ideological-Hazard, Sensory-Hazard, Infohazard-Hazard,

Containment Protocols: A single copy of RPC-214 is to be contained in a low value items safe in Site-069. Access to RPC-214 is forbidden to staff. Any other copies are to be destroyed by incineration. Personnel under the effects of RPC-214 are to be held in custody for a minimum of 3 days, then released following amnestic treatment.

Although no copies have emerged since 199█, Authority operatives are to inspect US bookstores/libraries for potential copies of RPC-214.

Description: RPC-214 is a hardcover book titled A Thesis on "Cunt" and Other Australian Vernacular. The author is credited as 'Dr. William Jacobs'1.

RPC-214's contents are a thesis based around the evolution and style of the Australian accent. It attempts to explore the use of certain vocabulary commonly attributed to a stereotypical Australian accent, and to what effect it is used in everyday life. It should be noted that RPC-214 is by no means an accurate thesis, and relies heavily on stereotypes and plagiarism for its information2.

RPC-214 instances would spontaneously appear within bookstores and libraries located in the United States of America3. Although an instance of RPC-214 has never been observed appearing, security cameras located within areas of appearance have never seen anyone place copies. RPC-214 instances would usually appear within secluded areas of the library, often hidden away in boxes or in rarely traveled parts of the location.

When a person who is capable of speaking English is directly exposed via eye contact to the contents of an original edition of RPC-214 (paraphrases, excerpts and reproductions yield no effect), their accent begins to morph into that of a stereotypical Australian accent. This effect is initially, quite miniscule, with persons incorporating words typically associated with Australian speech into everyday conversation4. Over the course of approximately 2 weeks5, more and more of the affected person's vocabulary will morph itself until it has fully converted into what would be considered a stereotypical Australian accent. Accents generated by RPC-214 are generally described as inaccurate of a typical Australian accent, with mild offense usually being expressed upon hearing it by actual Australians.

After an average of 3 days following complete accent conversion, RPC-214 afflicted individuals will begin to dress and act like a stereotypical Australian. Wearing items such as cork hats, thongs, singlets, cargo shorts. Developing a taste for Vegemite6, meat pies, sausage rolls, and sausage sandwiches7. And adopting various other behaviours that would be considered consistent with a stereotypical Australian. As with the accent, these behaviours will often generate mild offense from actual Australians.


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