"Happy" circa 1927.

Registered Phenomena Code: 221

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Ideological Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Anti-Physical Hazard, Info-Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols:

RPC-221 previously contained at Site-016, until it's further investigation and testing to end further anomalous containment breaches led to site transfer to Site-009 where it is currently stationed as a warden.
RPC-221 is contained via its anomalous ability to teleport to ████████, Wisconsin being inactive or unusable while at Site-009. All prisoners who have any history of holding or maintaining a position in entertainment, or a criminal record that includes ██████ ██████████████, will increase the likelihood of activating RPC-221's memetic effect.
This memetic effect applies itself to a 5m3 approximate area around RPC-221 that seems to shift, expand, and contract similar to naturally moving tentacles or tendrils. When RPC-221 is opened by an individual that has previous knowledge of the contents of RPC-221, it increases the effects' potency to such an extent that even normally excluded people are included.
RPC-221 is currently housed at a cross section between two holding cell hallways, just before the exits to the outer staff hallway. RPC-221 must be avoided at all costs in its active state.

Description: RPC-221 is an anomaly contained within RPC-221-1 that has the capability to anomalously take control of any individual under 221-1 to 221-7's memetic effects that are then reclassified as RPC-221 itself.

Once an individual has been fully converted to an instance of RPC-221 they gain significant metaphysical abilities including the ability to break the known laws of physics.

The items considered accessory to RPC-221 will be listed as RPC-221-1 to RPC-221-7.
[Note: All RPC-221 items were noticed to change style, color, and even fit, to conform to the most appealing style of the individual affected by RPC-221.]

Once a subject examines the items, they receive a strong urge to mimic the appearance of one "Happy the Clown" even if they have no previous knowledge of such an entity. Wearing RPC-221 2-8 will cause the subject to change mannerisms to appear a jovial man 30-40 years old. This will happen regardless of the original gender. The individual does magic tricks, makes balloon animals, and comedy matching a 1940s to 50s era clown.
This instance will henceforth be known as 221-1 but refers to himself as “Happy” or “Happy the Clown”. 221-1 will address any subjects present as “children”. If there is anyone but 221-1 present after this memetic effect, 221-1 will perform for them for an approximation of 30min to 1hr in the fashion of a 50s era variety show. Effects follow in incident Log 221-A through C.
If there is no one but 221-1 present, 221-1 will test items from the trunk that do not normally appear from it. Then 221-1 will remove the costume and return it to the chest. At this point, the memetic effect on the subject will end and RPC-221 should be re-contained for at least ██ hours before testing is resumed to prevent mental resistance to the creation of 221-1. If approved, a new CSCSD-class may be used for testing to bypass this limit. In two recorded instances, 221-1 asked for a “volunteer from the audience” and using previously unseen items from the trunk, caused a varying anomalous effect on the subject. For experimental purposes, 6 CSD-class personnel were used as subjects of interacting with and being exposed to RPC-221.
The first two CSD-class personnel were tested with no effect, CSD-8362 told staff he felt the urge to open RPC-221. After being tested again with no effect CSD-class number 9617 was used for additional experimentation. This experimentation and all following experiments led to all testing of RPC-221 being suspended indefinitely.
3 of the 5 CSD-class used were given Class C amnestics after testing and returned to service on site. CSD-Class 2380 and 9617 confirmed deceased due to testing.


Addendum 221-D:
RPC-221 re-contained after an incident on ██/██/████ led to its containment breach and subsequent retrieval from the location it was originally found.

Mummified body1 of 221-1 found inside during retrieval. Reclassified as CSD-9017 and disposed of.

Addendum 221-E:
Re-contained on ██/██/████ after it was found at its initial containment location, but when examined, was found vacant of items.

Note 221-E-1: Contents were found to be returned to RPC-221 when it was re-examined in containment.

Addendum 221-F:
All classified information regarding RPC-221 can be found in records room 209 of Site-016 if re-containment is necessary, or accessed via the clearance-4 terminal.

Addendum 221-G:
RPC-221 transferred to Site-009 to avoid possible knowledge leak, and provide additional anomalous wardens.

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