Registered Phenomena Code: 222

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: All RPC-222-1-2 instances are to be confiscated by the Authority, should they be relocated to a civilian laboratory. Additionally RPC-222-1-3 instances are to be removed immediately, and those involved in the birthing of an RPC-222-1-3 instance are to be administered A-class amnestics. RPC-222-1-1 instances, especially those serving the Authority, are to be kept unaware of their RPC classification, and are not permitted to access this document. Should a -1-1 instance discover this, they are to be given a psychological evaluation and administered A-class amnestics.

Description: RPC-222 is a virus that can only survive within pregnant women, and is exclusively symptomatic in the fetus. It is unknown how RPC-222 is transmitted, but researchers hypothesize that it spreads through physical contact, bodily fluids, and air. RPC-222 will enter the uterus, infecting both the placenta and the fetus, going through a process similar to normal viral reproduction. However, instead of injecting its own genetic material, they extract the genes from the fetus or the placenta and replace them with the opposite genetic material.1 This will trigger the placenta to grow in order to appear more like the fetus, which will, in turn, begin to resemble the placenta. The "new fetus" created from the placenta is hereby designated RPC-222-1. There are three classifications of RPC-222-1.

Addendum: Test Results

Addendum: Incident Report 222-Roman

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