Registered Phenomena Code: 310

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Animated Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-310 is to be stored within a standard safe box locked via a standard padlock; this safe is to be kept at containment wing of Site-007.

RPC-310 is to be taken out once per month to perform Procedure Thespian-310 (Detailed in Addendum). When taken out for this purpose, a professional actor is to be assigned to RPC-310 to rehearse any given role for a previously selected stage play. These actors are to be hired under the cover of a casting agency looking for actors to audition for an upcoming theater season. The time taken for these rehearsals are to be decided by each actor depending on their requirements, within reasonable dispositions.

Furthermore, a selected cohort of no less than 100 individuals are to spectate the play, selected from well behaving CSD personnel and Authority staff if available. This cohort is to be taken to the Auditorium of Site-007. As soon as the procedure has successfully finished, RPC-310 is to be put back in storage until the next scheduled performance.

Description: RPC-310 is a humanoid mannequin with a realistically detailed body, sexless in appearance with a blank face, clad in a costume resembling an ancient Greek theater cloak1, measuring 180 cm height and weighing 70kg. When inactive, the mannequin will remain still in a standing position with no apparent aid. If disassembled, the object will reassemble itself in 30 seconds to 45 seconds while it is out of direct sight from the naked eye, stopping the reassembly process if there is at least one witness directly looking at it.

RPC-310's anomalous effects manifest on a random given day during the second week period of each month. During this time, the mannequin will become active and attempt to move to the nearest professional actor it can find. It is currently unknown how RPC-310 would have the knowledge of an individual being a professional actor. Due to this reason, it is recommended the object be taken out of containment at the beginning of the second week of each month and an actor hired by the Authority to be assigned to the object.

When assigned an actor, the asset will remain still, poised in what resembles an attentive pose. During this time, any rehearsing of any given role the actor may perform will be assimilated by RPC-310. The object will then enter a dormant state signaled by the drooping of its head, this pose will be held until the date the performance has been programmed. It is unknown how the object would know this at the moment.

After rehearsals with RPC-310 are done, these actors are to be amnesticized and released. On the date of the performance, the mannequin enters an active state, and will actively seek the nearest theater to perform. When placed on a stage ready for a performance, RPC-310 will perform the role previously rehearsed by the actor.

Notably, when RPC-310 performs, it will always exhibit a better performance than the actor which rehearsed with it. During the performance, individuals viewing the play will begin to experience heightened emotions related to what the play is intended to evoke. The quality of RPC-310's performance directly impacts the quality of the emotions experienced by its audience. At the end of the play, RPC-310 will enter an inactive state.

Communication attempts with RPC-310 have been unsuccessful as of date as it is incapable of speech and only performs what it is taught to perform beforehand. All the roles performed by RPC-310 are done by mimicry, without any spoken lines delivered by it.

Discovery: RPC-310 was discovered when stolen objects were seized from a van operated by a group of art thieves. Upon questioning about the origin of this cargo the implicated individuals expressed they didn't know, that they had just carried out orders from their superiors into stealing it from a convoy traveling to England from Italy. At the time, the cargo contained a variety of non-anomalous items, among which RPC-310 was found stored in a crate. The crate was labeled with a discrete logo of the Academy of True Art and printed pictograms detailing instructions on how to use RPC-310.

Further research by Authority personnel revealed the cargo to have been stolen from a delivery being made to the [REDACTED] Academy of Arts in London. Currently, further ties between the Academy of True Art and this institution are being investigated. After containment of the object, a letter with no apparent return address was delivered at Site-002, which can be read on Addendum 1.

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