Registered Phenomena Code: 357

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-357 has breached containment as of 09/██/2016, further detailed on Addendum 1. Authority personnel are searching for asset's whereabouts to recontain it as soon as possible.

In the event Authority personnel receive reports of murders with details similar in behavior to the creature, MST-Sierra-15 "The Wild Wranglers" are to be dispatched to the location where reports have been found. RPC-357 is to be subdued and recontained as soon as possible, and a cover story of a serial murderer posing as any local mythical beasts or humanoid creatures to be issued, with amnesticization available for insistent parties.

RPC-357 is to be kept in a reinforced stainless steel cage, attached with electric shock generators capable of emitting currents of 220 V or more, and sirens capable of emitting sounds above 120 dB to avoid any future Containment Breaches. This cage is to be kept at the Beta Sector of Site-313 the Beta Sector of the Terran Sector found at Site-002. The area around the cage is to be patrolled by no less than 5 Authority Security members armed with electric prongs capable of administering currents of 220 V, and airhorns to subdue RPC-357.equipped with long range weaponry and strong tranquilizer rounds to subdue RPC-357. All testing is to be suspended by order of Head Researcher Dr. Barr.

Feeding of RPC-357 is to be done by providing a pig carcass soaked on a nutrient rich solution every 3 days through the one way hatch devised on the bottom of the cage. No other type of animals are to be fed to RPC-357 to avoid mutation of its skin.

Description: RPC-357 is a creature vaguely resembling a bipedal mammal, with an estimated height of approximately 3 meters tall. The entity is exclusively carnivorous in nature. Its face is consistently obscured by long and thick fur and exhibits a pair of horn-like antlers at the top of the head. Facial features haven't been observed due to the highly hostile nature of the creature. Recent experiments included discovery of the facial structure being similar to many animals1. All setient species that come in visual contact of its face start to act in a feral, enraged state. It possesses long limbs, exhibiting sharp, tapered claws at the end of each extremity. The creature exhibits a mutating skin that will adopt traits from the skin of previously consumed prey, during long periods of starvation the fur obscuring its face exhibits a notorious discoloration, the skin appears grey in tone devoid of fur or any other annexes.

RPC-357 exhibits a rudimentary form of sentience, being able to express basic emotions and behaviors consistent with survival. The creature has demonstrated the ability to mimic sounds emitted by its prey, during early attempts at communication with RPC-357, it vocalized grunts and sparse words in a loud and distressed tone however they were incoherent in nature and as such its sapience is still questioned. It is notoriously hostile against other sentient beings and will actively attempt to hunt them for consumption. RPC-357 preys upon other mammals (including humans), reptiles, birds, and fish.

A pattern consistent with the creature's feeding and hunting habits is the complete removal of the prey's skin. Observation of RPC-357 has revealed that it preferentially hunts at night, stalking prey as early as a few hours before sundown. It lures other animals by mimicking sounds emitted by their common prey, when succeeding in luring them in, RPC-357 proceeds to killing it, then removes its skin and devours it. Leaving behind the rest of the corpse with the skeleton and viscera intact. When hunting for human prey, RPC-357 has been observed to be able of mimicking the cries of human infants or distress calls with varying types of voices. Subjects hearing these cries or calls report them as "unsettling" in nature and strikingly similar to actual human vocalizations. (Further details in Addendum 2).

Upon consumption of the skin of its prey, the skin of RPC-357 is altered exhibiting many traits consistent with it and accumulating them over time. It is currently unknown if this is a result of mutations at a genetic level, or a mere phenotypic adaptation resulting from exposure to different skin types. After consuming prey, RPC-357 enters a state of reduced activity, and will seek shelter from potential predators. When faced with aggressiveness, RPC-357 will on occasion make use of accelerated mutations of itself, sometimes growing out appendages from previously consumed prey such as wings, horns or fins, this causes an intense strain on the creature as it depletes a considerable amount of resources and energy resulting in a longer period of marked reduction of activity.

The creature has been observed to lay low on secluded locations, and attempt to blend in with its surroundings by mimicry and camouflaging using resources at hand or by direct changes to composition and appearance of its fur and skin surface such as color, texture, and light reflectivity, with its fur serving as the main camouflaging aspect. This is theorized to be a response of the cells undergoing metabolic processes after exposure to the skin consumed. During this reduced activity state, RPC-357 remains alert to its surroundings, enacting a flight response at the detection of any minimal disturbance. While in this state, RPC-357 has been seen to move even during its sleep.

RPC-357 displays a weakness to sounds above 120 dB of intensity, and electric shocks above 220 V. Exposure to fire has shown to cause an hyper excited state with augmented strength, which is why it is advised to not expose asset to any form of fires. The creature also demonstrates a degree of adaptability to its surroundings, as previous sightings in the wild report an adaptation to threats and different weather conditions: sightings during cold weather report the growth of fur and sharper claws, with the shedding of said fur during hotter climates. To date, RPC-357 has not exhibited any adaptation to fires except an increased agitation and aggressive response.

Discovery and containment: RPC-357 was found at the forests near the town of T███████, SE Oklahoma. After reports of a series of mysterious disappearances reached the Authority. Upon investigating the area, the locals expressed concerns over an alleged "Bigfoot sighting" around the forests. Further investigation by Authority personnel revealed the existence of RPC-357. Members of MST-Sierra-15 "The Wild Wranglers" were dispatched to subdue the beast and contain it. Anomaly was successfully contained without any casualties on 08/██/2015.

Addendum 1: Sighting reports by Authority Personnel.
As of ██/11/2016, Authority personnel found the report of an RPC-357 sighting detailed on a blog belonging to Jefferson S████. On an entry posted 1 day after the Containment Breach 357-01, this person details an encounter with an entity similar in description to the asset that caused the containment breach, also detailing what appears to be the entity hunting around the wooded area near NY. An investigation team has been sent to the location to seek any other clues of RPC-357's whereabouts. Authority personnel are currently investigating POI Jefferson S████ for its involvement with RPC-357 as to obtain any other details and information that could assist with locating RPC-357.

On 31/10/2017, Authority researcher Dr. Sharp reported sightings of a creature similar in appearance to RPC-357 during a vacation trip around the wooded area of █████████, Maine. While MST-Sierra-15 were dispatched to the location, Dr. Sharp reportedly was being stalked by RPC-357, watching him from afar and following him as he made his way through the woods. At one point Dr. Sharp reports hearing distressed cries apparently coming from children and an unidentified woman coming from the woods as RPC-357 was lost from sight. Upon arrival of MST-Sierra-15, no corpses exhibiting stripping of skin were found, neither any other sign of RPC-357's presence around the area. Posterior investigations yielded no other results that could aid with location of the creature.

Addendum 2: Interview

Addendum 4: Containment Breach 357-01 Report
Date: 09/██/2016 Time: 09:35
Due to a failure to follow Containment protocols, RPC-357 caused a rampage on Site-313 where it was contained at the time. Review of security footage shows personnel in charge of containing RPC-357 misused an electrical prong used to subdue it, and so caused a small fire to start which enraged RPC-357. In this enraged state, the creature exhibited an unexpected burst of strength, which allowed it to breach containment and cause a total of █ casualties before escaping the premises. After this event, Authority personnel were attacked by POI-███ in conjunction with what are theorized to be supporters, resulting in the subsequent loss of many other anomalous objects.

Currently the whereabouts of RPC-357 are under investigation. Further details about this incident can be found on File [REDACTED]. Containment protocols have been updated and are to be enforced as soon as asset is repossessed by Authority personnel.

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