Registered Phenomena Code: 372

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Corrosive Hazard, Regenerative Hazard,

Containment Protocols: RPC-372 is to be kept in a humanoid chamber with a modified ventilation system. Modifications include a compartment to allow liquid waste of around 3 liters, dust, and solid waste measuring no more than 0.3m x 0.2m x 0.2m to be fed into the chamber. This is to keep RPC-372 preoccupied with cleaning. All staff within Site-023 are encouraged to use this compartment. However, the Authority is not responsible for any personal belongings that are disposed of in this manner and any items disposed of in this manner are to be considered irretrievable.

Description: RPC-372 is a humanoid creature standing at 1.8m in height. RPC-372 wears a blue button-up shirt with heavily damaged sleeves, blue jeans, brown leather shoes and a hat with the "The Company LLC Cleaning Crew" logo sewn on. If torn all articles of clothing are able to self-repair at a rate of 1 cm2per 30 minutes. Upon completion, all wounds in areas concealed by clothing will spontaneously heal. Any wounds sustained in other areas will heal at a normal rate even if the wound would otherwise be lethal. Samples taken from the listed articles of clothing contain DNA that matches the exposed skin of RPC-372 with the only exception being materials used for the sewn on logo.

RPC-372's left arm has been shortened slightly and in place of a hand is a bucket-like organic structure hanging by a spine-like handle made of bone that protects part of the nervous and circulatory systems. The bucket is able to hold 3 liters of liquid with the interior containing small pores that are able to produce up to 2.75 Liters of a chemical mixture of water, bleach, soap and an as yet unidentified liquid. Tests with RPC-372 shows that this chemical mixture is able to dissolve anything that RPC-372 considers to be waste. RPC-372's chemical mixture has been able to totally dissolve any waste substances without causing damage to all non-waste on a molecular level. Furthermore, this mixture is able to anomalously suppress or negate chemical reactions that should happen during the dissolving process. For example, chemicals that should produce vapors when dissolved by acids or bases will produce neither. It is unknown what exactly happens after the substances dissolve only that they are not turned into gasses and leave no trace.

RPC-372's right forearm has been stretched to a length of 0.7 m and thinned to around 0.02 m. The hand of RPC-372 consists of a mass of an estimated ███ tendrils. Each tendril is covered in hair-like fibers use to absorb and spread the chemical mixture from the left arm. Furthermore, the tendrils house a system of microscopic openings. The purpose of these openings are currently being investigated.

RPC-372 behavior consists of wandering large structures and attempting to find areas it considers messy. Upon finding an area it will dissolve any waste before rearranging and organizing the area. So far, RPC-372 has been able to lift furniture of 136 Kg (around 300lbs.) while organizing. Once it is finished RPC-372 will wander again. RPC-372 has been known to vocalize while working and will frequently mention how lonely it feels and the "life before The Company." Often when speaking about the time before the company, RPC-372 will mention a wife, daughter and several friends followed by regrets for not saving them. RPC-372 has no strong feelings about The Company LLC but merely uses the interview and hiring as a point of reference. The Association is to take all vocalizations as generally true baring some instances of hyperbole or misunderstandings. However, if RPC-372 spots an animal it stops all cleaning processes and attempts to dissolve them before going back to its usual routine. All vocalizations will appear to be distressed while RPC-372 chasing the creature and a short time after termination.

Retrieval Log: RPC-372 was found in the abandoned ██████ high school in ███████, Missouri. The Authority took notice of RPC-372 after many locals who entered the area and either went missing or told very similar accounts of a ghost janitor in the school or similar apparitions. MST Lima-19, Mess Makers, were sent in to recover the anomaly. After, 33 minutes MST Lima-19 were able to capture RPC-372 with only 3 causalities. To date, the bodies of the missing victims and the 3 casualties have yet to be found.

Addendum: Lead Researcher Dr. Bowen has put forth two hypothesizes: the openings allow for RPC-372 to subtly change the mixture if needed or the openings are the mouth of RPC-372. Further testing is needed to confirm or deny either possibility.

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