Registered Phenomena Code: 420

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-420-1's front door is to be locked with a standard deadbolt mechanism (for discreteness) followed by an inner security door with a keycard security lock. RPC-420-1's rear door has been filled in, and all windows are secured from non-anomalous access methods. Security clearance for entrance to and testing on RPC-420 is restricted to Level 3 or higher. A Level 3 Authority Agent will remain onsite with a false identity to facilitate the guise of a standard residence.

Description: RPC-420 is a closet in the guest bedroom of a house (referred to as RPC-421-1) in [REDACTED], Nebraska. When the closet door is shut with one or more human subjects (designated RPC-420-2-X), the portions of RPC-420-2's brain(s) that receive sensory input (including the basic five senses, muscle control, voluntary respiration, and others) shut down, generating a sensation of total sensory deprivation and giving instances of RPC-420-2 an external appearance as though they have become clinically brain dead.

RPC-420's anomalous properties are specifically mental in nature; no biological or radiation sources have been found or determined to be the cause of the effect. Subjects report a feeling of loneliness, existing only in their mind as kinesthesia is nullified. In many cases, (predicted chance of 65%, testing insufficient at this time) instances of RPC-420-2 will hear noises, voices, or receive visual hallucinations, in an elevated capacity, more than is generally experienced in a sensory deprivation tank or when using chemically induced mental isolation. Whether or not this is a result of a direct anomalous property of RPC-420 or if it is a result of the more potent form of deprivation provided by the object is undetermined as of the composition of this document.

Subjects also report a feeling of accelerated time, possibly magnified by the potency of the object, losing track of time after less than thirty seconds. Initial testing suggests there may be a very specific rate of mental time dilation (predicted hypothesis of a factor of 10, testing insufficient at this time). Non-human subjects are not affected, and objects that are placed inside and removed from RPC-420 display no anomalous properties.

Addendum: RPC-420 was discovered when the owner of RPC-420-1 passed away. His house was left in his will to his nephew, Mr ███████ █████████, who opened the closet during his first visit and found the skeletal remains of two corpses, identified as members of a hippie commune that inhabited the house before Mr ███████ █████████, which was shut down by the police due to major drug charges. When reported to the police, one of the officers was accidentally shut in the closet during an investigation and was exposed to RPC-420's anomalous effects. The police report triggered the automatic keyword detection system and an MST unit was sent to secure the location and administer Class A-2 amnestics. A research team acquired the property and installed the Containment Protocol.

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