Registered Phenomena Code: 421

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types:

RPC-421-1: Ecological Hazard and Regenerative Hazard
RPC-421-2: Transmutable Hazard
RPC-421-3: Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-421 is contained inside an abandoned house in Minnesota. The building contains two floors, one dining room, three bathrooms, one kitchen, and three bedrooms. All of these rooms contain separate anomalous properties. Due to RPC-421's remote location and size, transferring RPC-421 to a nearby Site is currently impossible. The area that RPC-421 covers is to be restricted from public access under the pretense of privately owned government property, along with establishing a perimeter electric fence around the property. Security personnel is to be stationed within the perimeter as to prevent unauthorized intruders.

Description: RPC-421 is the designation for a house containing three anomalous entities, referred to as RPC-421-1, RPC-421-2, and RPC-421-3. RPC-421-1 manifests as a tree embedded in the wall to the left of RPC-421's entrance. RPC-421-2 manifests to the right of the entrance, rooted in the floor. RPC-421-3 appears to be in the entrance, trembling slightly upon observation.

When any personnel enters RPC-421, they will be given the "guidelines" by each RPC-421 entity, the first being RPC-421-1.

After this, RPC-421-2 will speak, usually in a frantic tone.

When RPC-421-2 stops speaking, RPC-421-3 will wait approximately one minute before talking, upon which it will then say the following phrase

None will respond until one of the three actions below is taken:

  1. Physical harm toward any RPC-421 instance.
  2. Speaking of phrases observed inside RPC-421.
  3. Say the phrase "I am ready to go into the Abyss."

Only one person at a time can enter in the Abyss. Up to three items besides clothing can be taken inside. RPC-421-1 to 3 disappear in the room during the game as they also enter in. They refer to the person entering the Abyss as the "Abyss Watcher", and will change attitude towards the same when inside the Abyss.

All contact with RPC-421 entities is to be approved by Level 3 personnel (or higher). If one is to engage RPC-421-1 through 3, they will appear inside of a void. The ground will reappear, though significantly darker, with rough gravel and vines covering the walls. This location contains no natural light, so it is advised that a light source is among the three allotted items. The location appears drastically different with each visit, with the labyrinth comprised of ten currently known arrangements, designated the following:

  • Bear trap lined corridors
  • Minefields rooms
  • Normal rooms
  • Cult rooms
  • Dining table
  • Green Camps
  • Destroyed House
  • Picnic tree
  • A broken clinical facility

Others events might appear in future examination of the Abyss.

Each instance RPC seems to have a role in the Abyss, as they have some kind of influence over the game while it is being played, displaying the following properties.



RPC-421-1, designated as "Labyrinth" displays some sort of roots instead of legs, with an undefined weight and height. A face made out of some kind of Oak Wood, and a long black silk jacket that it uses. Exhibits absence of hands or arms. RPC-421-1 can alter the Labyrinth by moving vines, creating fruits, and even sometimes trees that give hints about the actual location of the poems. RPC-421-1 seems to be the least invasive as it only tries to interfere indirectly, but upon harming the environment, it displays aggressiveness and actively hinders the Abyss Watcher, setting up animals to distract, attack and falsely hint about the location of the poems.
RPC-421-1 seems to have some connection to nature, being an Organic hazard of some type, as all the nature found in the Abyss displays similarities to it, RPC-421-1 seems to be always watching, and depending on the attitude towards the nature part of the Abyss, can be helpful or hostile in many ways.



RPC-421-2, also known as "Hunter", appears as a tall, slim creature, measuring 1.74 meters long. RPC-421-2 also displays a different mechanism in place where legs would be. RPC-421-2 does not have a face. It wears a leather jacket with two steel small daggers sticking out. It possesses more knowledge about the labyrinth than the others, as it can move with more expertise around the area. It appears to have shapeshifting hazard properties, as it can adapt to the environment as it sees fit, creating wings or quills depending on the situation. RPC-421-2 appears to be able to break the first rule, as it can destroy walls to get to its prey. The Abyss Watcher can exploit this, but this can also present a risk. RPC-421-2 shows aggressiveness towards the Abyss Watcher, as any animals will walk freely by its side with no interference.
RPC-421-2 will use any means necessary to get to the Abyss Watcher, often coming up with new ways to hide and run as it adapts. The relation RPC-421-2 shows to have with the "Abyss Watcher" is one of respect, once both start to adapt and survive. It appears to talk to itself when walking without the apparent presence of the "Abyss Watcher". Supposedly these conversations are with previous "Abyss Watchers", as it references names such as ████ and Dr. J████. Once close to the "Abyss Watcher" it will do anything to capture and take the Abyss watcher, all personnel took by RPC-421-2 have to date not been found.



RPC-421-3, referred to by prior instances as RPC-421-1 and RPC-421-2 as "Coward" appears to be a humanoid with unstable balance and is typically clothed in a black woollen shirt of unknown origin. Its skin is a pale white color which can alter in hue, saturation and luminosity unless exposed to light sources; effectiveness decreases as exposure to light increases. 421-3's eyes lack any features thereby appearing to be blind. This suggests RPC-241-3 to be the source of the sounds resembling what someone colliding with a wall would generate.
421-3 manipulates the subject's perception of the environment by projected voices, illusions and unknown gaseous compounds that elicit specific emotions in the subject.
421-3 will attempt to retreat should the subject come close to it, and may attempt to empower its abilities of manipulation temporarily to redirect the subject onto the maze again. It is recommended subjects with a strong willpower are chosen to counter this entity's abilities.


*Addendum 1: Detailed Personnel Explorations

*Addendum 2: Audio log of Dr. K████.

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