Registered Phenomena Code: 488

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-488 is to be contained in Site-015. Research Team 9-Bravo1 is to constantly monitor RPC-488 for broadcasts of RPC-488-A. If Research Team 9-Bravo detects RPC-488-A, they are to enact Procedure-488 "Profusion". Procedure-488 "Profusion" requires decoding and analyzing all messages relayed during RPC-488-A. Once analyzed, Research Team 9-Bravo is to contact government officials of any and all effected countries. A price is to be offered for the information, which will range from 499 to ████████ USD.

Description: RPC-488 is a Vintage "Silvertone Multi-Band Portable Radio" acquired from the ████ Residence in ██████, California. RPC-488 is set to ██Hz, and all attempts from The Authority to change the frequency have resulted in failure. This frequency constantly produces static, but occasionally broadcasts information regarding future MFIs2 in code, between 2 to 7 hours before the event. While not every MFI is predicted, every broadcast will correctly predict a MFI if not interfered with by any source aware of RPC-488-A. The likelihood of RPC-488-A predicting an event appears to rely on the amount of fatalities during the event.3 The frequency detected by RPC-488 is below 30Hz, classifying the wave as an Extremely Low Frequency, and it is unknown how RPC-488 can detect these waves.4

Statement from Site Manager: I know many of you have been talking about RPC-488. Is Procedure-488 "Profusion" morally questionable? Yes it is. But you have to remember, we don't have unlimited supplies here at the Authority. We need to get money from somewhere. Sometimes that source is from people, even if it means putting their lives on the line.

Addendum: There have been no recorded broadcasts of an RPC related MFI. For instances of RPC-488-A to take place, no anomalous objects, events, or entities may be present at the time of the predicted MFI.

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