The Light of Imagination






Registered Phenomena Code: 490

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: Both RPC-490-A and RPC-490-B are to be kept within a standard safe, locked with a 4-digit passcode. This safe is to be kept at Site-007. Testing with RPC-490 is to be done on ample spaces, while avoiding exposure to solar light.

Due to the properties of RPC-490, CSD test subjects used for testing are to be well behaved and compliant of orders issued to them by Research Personnel. Authority personnel may take part in testing with RPC-490. All testing must be supervised by Senior Researchers.

In the event of an attempted containment breach involving RPC-490, incurring parties are to be incapacitated by all means possible, personnel in charge or recontainment of RPC-490 are to carry specially made vantablack cloth covers to shield RPC-490-A from sunlight at all times.

In the event the light emitted by RPC-490-A, it is to be covered with the largest dark covering available at Site-007 as to keep it from absorbing sunlight, and recontained as soon as possible.

Description: RPC-490-A are 3 dodecahedron shaped lamps, analysis of their composition reveals the structure to be made of polycarbonate panels, magnetic panels, and a light emitter similar in structure and function to a LED.

The anomalous properties of RPC-490 manifest when one of the modular dodecahedral units are flipped on by pressing the magnetic panel and placed on a stable surface. Upon doing so, light emitted from the top panel of the dodecahedron will become a solid material, which then can be shaped by use of RPC-490-B.

RPC-490-B are a pair of gloves that can shape the light construct coming from any RPC-490-A instance. Analysis of the composition of these gloves exhibit no anomalous materials aside from nano-circuits, which appear to temporarily make contact with the user's nervous system. RPC-490-B can shape the constructs emitted from RPC-490-A by manipulating the structure of the nanowires found within the dodecahedral case remotely.

Analysis of RPC-490-A reveals it to be powered via 10 1.2v batteries, composed of nickel hydride. However, these batteries has exhibited photovoltaic properties and can be charged through exposure to sunlight as well as connecting it to Alternate Currents of 110V. Testing has shown the charging through solar energy is to be done while the device is turned off, due to the emission of hard light flares when exposed to sunlight while active. (Refer to Addendum 2).

Discovery: Both RPC-490-A and RPC-490-B were discovered on ██/██/2018, on the [REDACTED] Galleria d'arte, Italy. An art exhibition was announced two weeks prior to discovery. Given the location was presumed to be near the Academy of True Art headquarters, undercover Authority agents were dispatched. Upon learning about an exclusive exhibition about "a unique, and impressive breakthrough in the sculpting techniques", undercover Agents infiltrated the event. The objects were located prior to the start of the exhibition, which were then confiscated and taken to the local Authority base of operations.

After containment of the object, an e-mail with no evident sender address was sent to the Site-007 Director's terminal, which can be read on Addendum 1.

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