Registered Phenomena Code: 502

Object Class: Alpha-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-502 is to be contained in a blast proof metal container that measures 120 cm in length and 25 cm in width. The container should only be accessible through a five-digit keypad entrusted by Dr. ████████, and a few within the Research and Containment Department.

Onsite personnel should be equipped with sound-proof headphones and polyvinyl chloride gloves as to prevent personnel from being affected upon insinuating physical contact with RPC-502.

Onsite observation and containment for RPC-502 is to be handled by four security personnel. Site personnel are prohibited to enter and conduct research onto RPC-502 without the approval from the Site Director. Additionally, All experimental activity are required to be approved by two-thirds of the Global Directors, and no more than two Class-D personnel are to be present during the experiment. (Refer to Addendum 502.01)

In the event of one or more instances are affected through RPC-502's anomalous properties, all RPC-502 instances are to be immediately terminated on sight.

Description: RPC-502 is a long African blackwood staff that is decorated with an ornate silvery fixture depicting a goblin holding a red orb. This fixture has been revealed to be made out of aluminium, and upon closer observation, the orb appears to be made out of tourmaline.

Upon subjects interacting with RPC-502 through physical contact, they will instantly be affected by the anomalous properties of RPC-502, and experience one of the following side effects:

  • Feeling of numbness within the body.
  • Body temperature decreasing to -5°C degrees.
  • Development of sharper forefront canines.
  • Decelerated production of red blood cells.

Following initial contact with RPC-502, subjects (henceforth designated as RPC-502-1) will appear to act homicidal and will harm any person, including animals, within their vicinity causing RPC-502-1 to assault and extract blood through any parts of the body.

Affected instance's erythropoietin1 will rapidly decrease the production of red blood cells and will heavily influence RPC-502-1 to extract blood through other means, such as exsanguination on organisms that have a circulatory system. Further observations has shown that RPC-502-1 significantly heals injuries at an accelerating rate and is immune to all known strain of diseases, but does not appear to be immune to fungal related diseases.

Observation onto RPC-502-1 instances have shown that unaffected subjects may still be affected by the anomalous properties when in contact with RPC-502-1 through biting transmission. Additionally, more than one subjects can be affected through RPC-502's anomalous properties— and does not appear to have any sort of limitations onto how many subjects can be affected.

Discovery: Following an increase of unsolved homicidal cases that involved victims having their blood exsanguinated by unknown means within ████████, WA, Authority operatives were dispatched to investigate these cases under the cover as federal agents. Further investigations led Authority operatives to an affected instance of RPC-502-1 when a 911 emergency call was intercepted regarding an unknown individual attack people within the streets. The individual was later identified as RPC-502-1, and was terminated by Authority operatives when RPC-502-1 attempted to harm an operative in the process.

RPC-502-1's apartment was later searched, and after extended searches around the property, they later uncovered RPC-502 within an opened chest along with a journal that appears to contain historical information regarding RPC-502 (Refer to Addendum 502.02). Authority operatives were unclear how RPC-502-1 had obtained RPC-502 in the first place, but it was later revealed that RPC-502-1 had purchased the object through an anonymous buyer.2

Addendum 502.01: Incident Report 502-A3

Foreword: During an observational test that involved seven CSD personnel, ASF stationary personnel outside of the chamber were ordered to move in and terminate the remaining instances of RPC-502-1. However, security personnel faced heavy resistance, and had caused a containment breach upon multiple RPC-502-1 instances began exiting out of the chamber.

The containment breach caused an immediate facility lockdown until Crisis Response Team3 had been dispatched, and assisted local ASF security personnel to contain the situation. The following is an interview transcript between Supervisory Agent ████████ and 1st Lt. ████████, 0300 hours following the incident:

Addendum 502.02: Historical Background Information

Following the initial containment of RPC-502, the journal was brought with RPC-502 and appears to not be anomalous in any way. Analysis shows that the journal original belonged to one of the current containment entities within the Authority, known as RPC-█████, or 'Vlad III Dracula'. According to the journal, RPC-█████ had used the object to make their enemies kneel before them, or turn against one another; essentially creating an army of soldiers under their control.

While the journal never specifies where RPC-█████ had originally obtained RPC-502 from, but what is currently known is that RPC-502 appeared to be originated from the 15th century during the conflict between Wallachia and the Ottoman Empire.

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