RPC-505 while worn.

Registered Phenomena Code: 505

Object Class: Alpha Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Toxic Hazard.

Containment Protocols: RPC 505 must be kept within a 50cm x 20cm x 25cm standard reinforced steel safe, locked with a 6 digit passcode which is to be updated every 3 months or after being taken out for experimentation. To acquire the passcode testing personnel must hold Level-2 Level-3 or higher Security Clearance. The safe must be kept locked down at Site-279. Testing with RPC-505 is to be performed under supervision by security personnel at all times. In the event of a containment breach, any subject wearing RPC-505 on either hand must be incapacitated on sight by aiming for the arm carrying the object. During testing, RPC-505 must not have direct contact with skin, protective elbow length latex gloves must be worn at all times during testing.

Subjects that worn RPC-505 during a containment breach that were not terminated will undergo mandatory karyotyping, as well as any survivors exposed to the object’s effects.

Description: RPC-505 is an arm guard composed of polyester, woven with elastic fibers, assorted circuitry and steel wiring. Measures 30.5 cm length, 20.5 cm circumference around wrist, 33cm circumference near elbow. Analysis of the materials composing RPC-505 display no anomalous properties, coinciding with those of protective arm guards commercially produced: elastic, fitting most individuals with forearms measuring close to the item’s measurements, allowing for certain stretching, with no apparent design for exclusive laterality when worn. Testing has shown moderate cut-proof properties.

Upon being worn on a subject’s dominant hand, the anomalous effects of RPC-505 manifest when aiming the hand at a single sentient target with no physical obstructions (barring protective garments such as lab coats or goggles) in between while the user maintains line of sight. Anomalous effects consist on granting the wearer the ability to cause deletions of information at a genetic level, replacing them with copies of different information.

Testing has revealed these deletions invariably end in the loss of a unique trait the target possess. Such deletions are irreversible in nature, and occur on a cognitive basis. In all testing the effects of RPC-505 have proven to delete a trait the target believes is unique or of great importance to them replacing it for a more common trait, requiring a sentient, sapient and self-aware target to work. Aside from this the item shows no other cognitive effects, since it can be removed at any time without users expressing compulsive refusal, nor does the item display any change in user behavior or personality neither in the long term nor short term.

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