Homicidal Seals




Registered Phenomena Code: 505-J

Object Class: Beta-Run

Hazard Types:Organic Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-505-J instances are to be kept separately in 3x2 meter standard animal containment cells, all walls of said containment cells are to be semi transparent as to allow for basic interpretation of shapes, under no circumstances are RPC-505-J instances to be brought within 2 meters of each other outside of testing conditions, testing requires the presence of at least 1 (one) level 3 personnel. No more than 4 (four) RPC-505-J instances are to be brought into close proximity to each other under testing conditions. Failure to comply with this will result in demotion of all personnel involved and in extreme cases, termination.

In the case of a containment breach involving a single RPC-505-J instance, site security are to subdue and re capture said instance using non lethal methods. In the case that a group with 5 (five) RPC-505-J instances or more breach containment, site security are to incapacitate said instances and, if see fit, terminate the RPC-505-J instances. Due to the contained nature of a RPC-505-J instance, in the case of a containment breach it is to be presumed that the reason was, unless stated otherwise, a deliberate act of sabotage or the anomalous properties of another RPC.

In the case that any unknown chemicals are found in the water supply of any site containing an RPC-505-J instance, anti-anti depressants are to be administered to any personnel not using the on site sprite cranberry stocks, personnel who have come in contact with the aforementioned "unknown chemical" show extreme happiness, and in extreme cases, euphoria.

Under no circumstances are any individuals of Canadian descent to approach within a 10 meter radius of an RPC-505-J instance outside of testing conditions.

Description: RPC-505-J is the designation given to an instance of Pusa hispada1 that will actively seek out and attempt to bludgeon any person of Canadian descent, in a 10 meter radius, to death. RPC-505-J will utilize a diverse range of available objects as weapons with a marked predisposition towards blunt objects such as clubs. RPC-505-J instances have increased physical strength compared to other non anomalous instances of Pusa hispada, and uses this strength to its advantage in the act of bludgeoning. The flippers of an RPC-505-J instance is coated in some sort of viscous black liquid, designated as "Flexible Seal" and has been observed to be used as a tool for gripping objects, as an RPC-505-J instance would be unable to hold objects without the flexible seal.

In the case that a single RPC-505-J instance escapes, it will patrol an area with a radius of approximately 30 meters. The instance does not differ in intelligence of a non anomalous Pusa hispada, and the only notable difference is in behavior and strength.

In the case that a group of RPC-505-J instances are put in close proximity to each other, (3 (three) meters exactly) then all instances in the aforementioned group will scale in intelligence. The amount that intelligence is increased is directly connected to the amount of RPC-505-J instances that are present in a group at one time. If the number of instances in a group exceeds 5 (five) instances, any RPC-505-J instance in the group will have knowledge on the use of firearms.

In the case that more than or equal to 10 RPC-505-J instances are present in a group at one time, all RPC-505-J instances in the group will have in depth knowledge of how to operate vehicles such as tanks, helicopters and cars, cameras inside of vehicles currently occupied by RPC-505-J instances, before being incapacitated via bludgeoning, shows that the operation of the vehicle is a group effort. It is currently unknown as to what RPC-505-J instances would be capable of if more instances were present in a group at one time. All groups of RPC-505-J instances, no matter how big in number, have not been observed to use algebra of any kind.

Despite a group of RPC-505-J instances being able to handle complex machinery, testing has not shown any RPC-505-J instances to react to any languages used to attempt to communicate to a said instance. However whenever personnel show a group of RPC 505-J instances a picture of a vehicle exploding the group of RPC-505-J instances rearranges themselves to form a (EXPLETIVE) hand sign.

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