Registered Phenomena Code: 609

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Procedures: RPC-609 is to be contained within the Barents Sea, off the coast of Bear Island and Skarsvåg, Norway. Due to the large size of RPC-609, no suitable containment tank has been constructed at this time. All present ASF must have diving and aquatic combat training. When observing RPC-609, all ASF personnel must be equipped with APS underwater assault rifles. A naval corvette is to be present at all times, monitoring for behavioral changes.

Researchers seeking to observe RPC-609 must be accompanied by at least 5 Security Personnel, and be given an M1 Underwater Defense Gun. A special tracking tag has been fixed to the “head” of RPC-609. The tag is to be monitored by the hour, and should the creature leave the range of the tag, MST Zulu-43 “Deep Ones” are to conduct a recovery operation to bring RPC-609 back to the monitoring area.

A suitable containment unit covering a large space near Bear Island is under construction.

Description: RPC-609 is an entity resembling a sea serpent with pale green pigmentation, measuring approximately 18 meters in length. RPC-609 appears to exhibit an identical appearance depicted within various Hebrew Biblical texts; however, its exact mythological reference is unknown. RPC-609 appears to be the only living member of its species in existence, and through observation, appears to be anatomically male.

RPC-609 exhibits a complex pattern of behavior, and is extremely aggressive towards other lifeforms, even when researchers attempted to mimic sounds that they had created from recordings of noises that the creature itself made. RPC-609 displays regenerative capabilities, this was noted after an engagement with Security Forces, as the ammunition caused minimal damage to the creatures tissue, and seemed to knit back together.

RPC-609’s link to the Hebrew biblical texts is further noted with its existence as a singular creature, and there being no female to continue the species. Careful studies of Genesis 1:21 show that the Hebrew god killed the other existing “Leviathan”, so they would not breed and destroy the world. Whether or not this proves the existence of a higher power is unknown.

The great fish in the sea, and in the words of the Aggadah (B.B. 74b), this refers to the Leviathan and its mate, for He created them male and female, and He slew the female and salted her away for the righteous in the future, for if they would propagate, the world could not exist because of them. -Genesis 1:21

Addendum: While RPC-609 is hostile, when sounds and communication recorded by researchers from RPC-844, the creature responded with its own “voice” and seemed to react positively. After the recording ended, RPC-609 returned to its hostile nature. Further requests for testing with RPC-844 is currently pending, as for how these tests would occur, the answer is currently unknown. The creature came to the Authority’s attention in 1962, during the height of the Cold War, when Russian divers were training for underwater combat. MST Zulu-43 “Deep Ones” was deployed to contain RPC-609, and successfully did so on March 4th, 1962, fixing the specialized tracker to its head.

RPC-609 May not be the only of its kind, as a similar creature may have been spotted off the coast of the McDonald island, near Antarctica. MST Zulu-43 has been dispatched to see if the sightings are true.
-Site-057 Director Marius Streicher

Observation Log:

02/10/99: Researcher Ellis, accompanied by 3 members of Site-057 Security Personnel.

Creature appears docile when sounds made by RPC-844 are made near the creature. RPC-609 makes similar sounds in response to the taped noises.

02/28/99: Researcher Ellis, aboard mini sub, accompanied by 6 members of Site-057 Security Personnel. Attempt to make RPC-609 docile for a long enough period of time to contain in a large aquatic containment unit.

RPC-609 was docile until personnel made physical contact. 2 Dead.

03/7/99: Researcher Ellis, aboard mini sub, accompanied by 12 members of Site-057 security personnel. 22nd attempt to bring RPC-609 to the newly built aquatic containment unit underneath Site-057. On-site naval corvette Oslo present.

Footage from notable encounter with RPC-609. 03/7/99

Ellis: All systems are good, this is Ellis, radio check.
Alpha: This is Alpha team leader, checking in.
Bravo: Bravo Team, checking in.
long pause
Charlie: Shit, radios faulty, Charlie Team ready.
Ellis: Will the radio be an issue for the mission?
Charlie: Shouldn’t be, Henriksson checked it, should be good, right Henriksson?

muffled voice

Ellis: Alright gentlemen, go to the set locations, unless spotting the creature, then do not engage, simply report your coordinates, and follow at a distance, understood?
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie: Understood.

Footage shows Ellis coordinating the team from the subs monitors, and no footage of note for 26 minutes.

Bravo: We have possible visual on the target.
Ellis: Checking the tracker…yes, that’s him.
Charlie: Alright Bravo Team, were a click away, moving in to assist.
Bravo: Its got eyes on us, permission to fire?
Ellis: No! What didn’t you get about needing it alive?
Bravo: Kind of forget when a giant sea snake is looks you in the eye.
Alpha: We also have visual.
Bravo: Attempting lure.

Bravo Team swims backwards, attempting to bring the creature closer to Site-057, instead, the creature turns, seeing Alpha Team.

Alpha: Fuck, its coming at us.
Charlie: We have visual as well Ellis, snake’s confused.
Ellis: Good, we’ll play the audio lure now.

A prerecorded communication sound made by RPC-844 is heard on the footage, causing RPC-609 to turn, its pupils dilated, making a curious sound, and slowly turning toward the mini sub, when the audio stops. RPC-609’s pupils return to normal size.

Ellis: The hell? What’s going on, where’s the audio?!
Charlie: Oh fuck, oh fuck, abort, pull out now!

RPC-609 roars, a sound never previously made by the creature, and moves aggressively towards Alpha Team.

Ellis: Just get out of there!
Alpha: Firing!

Both Alpha and Bravo Team fire, angering the creature even further. RPC-609 swallows 3 members of Alpha team.

Charlie: Alpha’s gone Ellis!
Ellis: Bravo, Charlie, get out while you can, we can’t lose the footage.

Bravo Team swims away from RPC-609, who devours the last of Alpha team. Charlie Team uses releases all air from their tanks, propelling them to the surface, footage shows the team climbing aboard the present Authority corvette.
Charlie: Charlie Team signing off, safe aboard the Oslo.

Bravo Team attempts to mimic what Charlie Team did, but before they are able to, RPC-609 bites into two members of the team, the remaining two, Cpl. Ivchenko and Pvt. Filipov, survive.

Ellis: Good lord. Surfacing now, we need to try again, while it’s still confu-OH GOD!

Ellis’ sub is destroyed by RPC-609.

End Of Recording

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