Registered Phenomena Code: 635

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazards: Audio Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-635 is contained within a soundproofed 1m3 safe stored in sector C of Site-21's storage wing. Personnel handling RPC-635 must wear protective hearing gear at all times.

In the event of a failure to meet RPC-635's quota, a mandatory evacuation of Site-21 personnel is to occur, with the exception of any onsite D-Class Personnel. Personnel are not to reenter the site until there are no confirmed signs of life. Recovery specialists will then locate RPC-635 and return it to containment.

Description: RPC-635 is a large Edison Phonograph, fixed to a small table, approximately 70 cm tall. RPC-635 displays relatively little signs of damage or degradation, despite dating back to ~1890. RPC-635 displays no deviations from a standard model of its type, and is superficially non-anomalous in appearance. Upon closer inspection, RPC-635 lacks any receptacle for playable media; The needle is also absent from RPC-635's body. Despite this, RPC-635 constantly plays a single track, 1:56:31 long. Individuals who listen to RPC-635 will experience spontaneous production of an anomalous hallucinogen within their bloodstream. Exposure to the hallucinogen for greater than ~5 minutes will cause the subject to enter a sub-comatose state similar to narcoleptic sleep. Subjects who enter this stage appear to have their consciousness transported to a metaphysical manifestation of what is presumably the operatic setting and world of RPC-635's music, now labelled RPC-635-A.

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