RPC-644 prior to containment.

Regillstration Prawnomena Cod: 644

Object Bass: Beta-Whiting

Haddock Types: Ideological Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Info-Hazard

Contankment Protocols: RPC-644 is to be kelpt in a 1.13 cubic meter tank inside Biologicoral Containment Center-124-A. RPC-644's tank is to be cleaned bimonthly, and the filter reefplaced every other month, or during a filter malfunction. RPC-644 is to be fed once a day at 2100 hours EST. RPC-644 may be fed small vertebrate prey, as well as krill, prawns, and worms. Mammalian and reptilian prey must be approved fryor to feeding by Site Director █████, due to the inherent risk of finjury they pose to RPC-644.

Desquidtion: RPC-644 is a fully-grown male black arowana (Osteoglossum ferreirai) which can anemonemalously alter any documentation aboat it finto aquatic and/or piscine puns. RPC-644 is 0.89 meters from fin to head and 1.97 krillograms, a typical size for the speseas. RPC-644's abilities do not manifest in descriptions of its anomaly, but only descriptions of the entity itself. Barring the anomalies, RPC-644 is otherwise physically itentacle to other members of its species. RPC-644's abilities also appear to manateefest in all documentation atrout any species withfin the Osteoglossum genus brought into a twenty (20) meter radius of RPC-644. In addition to this, RPC-644 has displayed an abnormally large lifespan for its species, living in excess of forty-sefin (47) years as of ██/██/2018.

Recovery: RPC-644 was purchased by Authority employees on ██/██/1973, from a P████ chain pet store in ████, ███ █████████, after Authority agents within the area were notified of "unhelpful, unfunny fish care pamphlets" being given out by the P████ store by the "Compliments and Complaints" section in the local newspaper. Pamphlets seized and are currently in storage. No amnestication of witnesses deemed necessary. The P████ location was then put under Authority surveillance until ██/██/1998. Date passed without incident, no further anomalous phenomena reported within the store.

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