A photo taken within the man-made cave leading to RPC-665.

Registered Phenomena Code: 665

Object Class: Beta Gamma-Red1

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-665 will inevitably cause a ارتفاع القتلى-Class "Rising Dead" Scenario within the next three years. In preparation, the man-made cave containing the entrance to RPC-665 has been sealed off by concrete and is to remain secured by no less than ten security personnel of Level-665 clearance. Mobile Strike Team Epsilon-665 ("Hellbashers") has been formed and is undergoing training with the intent to eternally protect normalcy via the constant destruction of RPC-665-A instances.

The cave containing RPC-665 is to be secured inside of a militarized research zone no less than 2 km2 in area. Any and all subjects believed to be cultists who have trespassed the zone with the intent to worship RPC-665 are to be detained and taken in for indefinite detention. Authority psychologists are then to undergo research concerning the mental state of each detained subject and document said states and tests in the 665-CULT-P official documentation and addenda.

Description: RPC-665 is a massive geographical cavity located approximately 14 km underneath Hell, Michigan. Detailed inspection of RPC-665 is infeasible due to its average temperature of ~900° Celsius.

RPC-665's anomalous properties manifest when any subject on Earth expires via any means. Following said subject's expiration, a corresponding entity composing only of a humanoid skeletal structure (deemed RPC-665-A) will manifest within RPC-665 with similar physical characteristics to the deceased subject.

RPC-665-A instances display complex sapience and hostile behaviors with an apparent intent to forcefully transport human subjects into RPC-665 against their will. Upon said subject's entrance to the artificial cave containing RPC-665, multiple anomalous properties manifest corresponding to a certain submergence point into the cave.

Upon entrance to the cave, the subject is deemed an instance of RPC-665-B. At any submergence point ranging from 50 m to 1 km, blisters and second-degree burns will begin to manifest on the RPC-665-B instance's skin. The affected instance displays no change in behavior and will react normally to these effects until the next submergence point has been reached.

Upon reaching 2 km to 3 km, the RPC-665-B instance's skin, muscle, and vital organs will begin to melt while their skeletal structure will begin to expand.2 This effect continues until the subject reaches a submergence point of 7 km.

Upon reaching 7 km in depth, any and all organic tissue other than bone will have melted completely into liquid. This stage continues until the RPC-665-B instance has entered RPC-665. RPC-665-B instances who have reached this stage are then to be considered instances of RPC-665-A.

Addendum 665-ارتفاع القتلى: The following is a note attached to RPC-665's documentation authored by Dr. Wesley Years.

At this point, I assume you're wondering how we know RPC-665's going to cause a "Rising Dead" Scenario to occur.

It's simple, really. RPC-665's research team has concluded that RPC-665 is not infinite in area, meaning that RPC-665-A instances will eventually overflow out of RPC-665's entrance to carry on their apparent objective.

Yes; what some of you have come to know as Hell is running out of space.

Death is inevitable. Therefore, with RPC-665's anomalous properties, the cave will overflow and we will have to focus all of our 665-Class funding on the destruction of RPC-665-A instances.

Epsilon-665 is working on it. We have precautions for everything.

Dr. Wesley Years

History: RPC-665 was discovered upon an American mining expedition within Hell, Michigan. During said expedition, the personnel working with the mining organization dug a hole with the intent to make it as deep as physically possible. Upon reaching 14 km in depth, they stumbled across a massive geographical cavity. Authority recovery personnel arrived at the scene and quickly secured the perimeter.

Following the Authority's arrival, a heat-resistant microphone was lowered into RPC-665. The following was recorded.


[The sounds of distorted screaming can be heard, seemingly originating from multiple subjects.]

Unknown: Longum Vivere satanas. Deus est mortuus.

[The distorted screaming continues for approximately 15 minutes. Suddenly, the screaming stops and is replaced by the sound of fire crackling.]

Unknown: Omnes cultores vocamus.

[The sound of fire continues.]


Two weeks later, unknown subjects began to enter RPC-665's perimeter offering "sacrifices" to RPC-665-A instances. Any and all subjects have refused to reveal their intentions behind these actions.

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